Tuesday, May 5, 2009

whole lotta random

Ugh I hate finals. Hate hate hate.



1/2 a bagel, melon.


I thirded the bagel, a la Sarah, and had 2 slices with lite cream cheese and the third with PB.


Since the bagel was not whole wheat, I wanted to bulk up my protein for staying power, so I had a glass of milk. This meal really took me back to my childhood- cinnamon raisin toast and milk. YUM! And it left me full for a long time and fueled me through a workout, so that was great!



Weird picture, sorry. That’s a whole wheat TJ’s pita with deli turkey, tapenade, and lettuce.

Vanilla yogurt, with cinnamon, how I like it.


Oh no, still hungry!

1/4 choco chip muffin


And now it just gets randomer. What makes a better afternoon snack than a nice refined cup of tea and…


The rest of my stir fry mix, semi thawed!

For a nice proteiny accompaniment, I skimped on the formalities and had


peanut butter on a spoon, eaten gazing bleary eyed at my laptop screen.

I got it together for dinner. It being Cinco de Mayo and all, I made a Mexican feast!

Sautee onion, garlic, jalapeno, sliced bell pepper in oil. Add some cumin. Throw in 1/2 a cup of beans. Throw in a serving of cooked brown basmati and a tomato, chopped. Top with- the highlight- a pepper jack string cheese, shredded in a rather informal manner.


The cheese was DEFINITELY the highlight. I kind of ate around it so my last few bites were just ooey gooey peppery goodness. And I think I pulled off the colors of the Mexican flag, without even planning it!

Back to studying and I’m sure even more random eating. I hate finals. Hate hate hate hate hate them.

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Alana @ The Good Girl Gone Blog said...

Hey Lele,

I go to BU too! I'm always so excited to find other BU bloggers. GL with finals!