Sunday, May 31, 2009

celebration brunch

So my baby sister graduates from high school tomorrow!!!!!!!! Wow I’m so old.

Here is an adorable, food related picture of Malindi:


This is the face one makes when one realizes that their sister, in attempt to make ice cream, made home-churned butter! And then attempted to feed it to them in a parfait glass. OOPS!

Today’s celebration was more culinarily successful! A nice brunch with the fam. We’re lucky enough to have most of our extended family in the area, so it was a nice, big, loud get together.

We went to Overwood, a restaurant in Old Town Alexandria (an adorable place to visit, if you ever end up in the Northern VA/DC area—lots of cute shops and restaurants). We’d never been there before, but researched it online and it sounded tasty. And it was!

I decided to share two things with my mom. We got this:


A beet and arugula salad with pine nuts, goat cheese, and a really light and delicious lemon-olive oil dressing.

We also got this, which was theoretically designed to serve one:


Yeah right! This thing was like 12 inches in diameter!

Continuing in the “fried eggs on top of things” theme I’ve established for the weekend, it was seriously yummy crispy flatbread pizza with herby cheese and more arugula. Such a creative menu item! The peppery arugula, creamy tangy herby cheese, and egg actually worked really well together, and the pizza crust was just how I like it- thin and chewy with crisped edges. I’m so glad we shared it, though!

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