Monday, May 25, 2009

big 100

This is my hundredth post! I tend to like celebrating anniversaries and occasions and things like that, but honestly If I tried to make it epic, it probably wouldn’t work, so I’ll keep it nice and simple.

I actually may not post for a bit. I’m growing increasingly irritated with backhanded compliments like “Oh, you’ve lost so much weight! You look SO GOOD!” and equally intrusive people deciding that, though I was too fat before, now I’m too thin. So yeah, I’m feeling under enough scrutiny about body/food/etc. stuff as it is, and photographing what I eat seems less appealing than it did before.

My goal now, as my goal was when I weighed more than I do now, was to eat great tasting, healthy food, with a minimum of anxiety and stress associated with it.


I wanted to use up the last of my accidental ice-cream butter as well as the ludicrous amount of cinnamon sugar my sister made on one of the (rare) occasions that she baked. They were for one batch of Mexican chocolate cookies, and this was how much was left… AFTER I made two dozen Snickerdoodles. She’s so crazy!


I’ll leave you with some nice homey cookie shots.

DSCF1142  DSCF1144    DSCF1148

I basically made the first sugar cookie recipe that I found, in the Fannie Farmer cookbook (which is impressively comprehensive). The cookies were unexciting, but the highlight of reading the cookbook was my mom’s note:


HAHAHA! I would love to know the story behind that.


Rachel said...

I really enjoy your blog, your pictures and your commentery. Just thought I'd share that! :-)

Anonymous said...

haha that note from your mom in the cookbook cracks me up. i'd love to know the story, too!

sorry you're getting lousy comments -- just keep doing what feels best to you. i think your blog is delightful :-) happy 100!

Eireni said...

I miss you Ileana! And I think you look fab, as always, no matter the weight, sorry if I ever contributed to the commentary, but know that you have big support here in NJ!