Monday, May 4, 2009

mmm mu shu

So postscript to last night at P.F. Chang’s, when I was somewhat unenthusiastic about the mu shu chicken… I figured it out! The grease problem was the chicken itself.

How to make P.F. Chang’s thing the most awesome thing ever, in three four steps:

1. Chill in the takeout container. Chinese food is made better by being cold and leftover. This is just a fact.

2. Remove chicken. Pitch it. It’s kind of just chewy and greasy.

3. Dump out excess sauce


What was left was cool and fresh and tasty and well seasoned vegetables. An EXCELLENT midnight snack (and it was probably legit midnight when I did this).

I have a longtime love of cold Chinese food (and, incidentally, cold pizza). My mom lived in New York and got dinner money when she worked overtime, and claims that for a year she basically lived on Chinese food- hot takeout at night, cold the next day. She has definitely passed down a love of cold Chinese!

Anyway, on to today.

More default breakfast!


A banana, half in a bowl of multigrain cheerios with milk, the other half spread with peanut butter.


Multigrain cheerios are definitely a bit sweeter than regular Cheerios, but not annoyingly so like honey nut Cheerios. They’re a nice way to mix it up.


Incidentally, the type of peanut butter I use is Trader Joe’s, no salt added. The only ingredient is PEANUTS! I LOVE that. And I love unsalted because you realize that peanuts are so naturally sweet on their own! It’s reminiscent of my childhood Jif, without the trans fat. (And you only have to stir it once as long as you keep it in the fridge).


Accompanied by, as usual, hot milky tea.


I keep meaning to point out my FAVORITE mug, which my bestest friend gave me- BEATLES LOVE! I love having breakfast with George, Ringo, John and Paul!

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Mmmm cold chinese is the best!!!