Thursday, May 14, 2009

protein plate

This morning was… interesting. I thought I’d be a proper little hippie and bike to the farmer’s market… I ended up making a wrong turn and accidentally biking six VERY HILLY MILES. At one point the gear locked up and the bike wouldn’t pedal. I ended up sweating like a horse with axel grease all over my  hands. YIKES!

I know it’s ridiculous to drive to the farmer’s market but… next time it’ll be worth it. It’s still closer than the grocery store, and it’s still local food.

After that kerfuffle, I was seriously hungry for lunch, and wanted some PROTEIN!


More homemade bread, one piece toasted with PB, the other broiled with 1/3 of a slice of provolone. A slice of deli turkey. More carrots and AWESOME hummus, and a strawberry banana yogurt. Felt MUCH better after eating that!

For dessert, I had a really intense popsicle craving, and I was delighted we have these!


Mostly fruit juice, reasonably low on added sugar, 40 calories each, and SUPER tasty! I had a raspberry one, and it perfectly satisfied my craving.

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