Wednesday, May 13, 2009

epic battle

I fought a pineapple to the death. I won!


So I had some for my evening snacksie, with some tea in my favorite mug.


Hurray for fresh pineapple!

There is another epic battle of WILLPOWER going on, between me and these innocuously named “Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars”. My diabolical sister baked them (using up the last of the oatmeal in the process, grr).


If you are familiar with crack cocaine, these are similarly addictive. I had “just one piece” after dinner, then probably another of equivalent size in crumbs. I need to just stay away from them. I can’t eat them in moderation! They are too delicious and oaty and CHOCOLATEY!

Let’s rewind. I had another gorgeous lunch on the deck.


That’s more homemade bread, topped with peach chutney; a yoplait light (they must’ve reworked the formula, because now I like the texture!), the last of the fennel mixed with some chopped up orange and dressed in orange juice and seasoned rice vinegar, and the piece de resistance: carrots dipped in spicy orange hummus.


THAT HUMMUS IS SO GOOD! The flavors were SO unusual, but all of the decidedly unconventional ingredients- orange juice, soy sauce, crazy variety of herbs and spices- contributed AWESOME flavor. I am so stoked to eat more of this! I love making my own hummus, and at home I have a lovely food processor that enables that!

That lunch was on the smallish side, so I also had this:


They have trans fat in them, boo. But they’re tasty as an occasional treat. My mom got the jumbo box at Costco, so we have a gazillion of them.

Following a FUN afternoon of shopping with my best friend (we also hit up a fun bakery with Latin American pastries- I love my ethnic neighborhood! Pictures are forthcoming, she took them with her far superior camera), I made some baked tofu for dinner.


Tonight’s marinade was ketchup, honey, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, chili paste, dried ginger, and a wee bit of sesame oil. Tasty!

Accompanied by the last of the rice salad:


I love how things like rice salad just get better and better! The flavors really infuse.

I had a good body day (I feel like the average woman will understand what I mean by that phrase, and I don’t need to explain it).

I got a new swimsuit and it wasn’t traumatizing! I was actually just checkin’ myself out in the mirror in my fly new black bikini (which, incidentally, I realized that the lady at Target only charged me for the bottom half of! Sweet!), and I felt good! 

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