Sunday, May 3, 2009

baby’s first blogger meetup!

So one of my favorite things about the blog world is that it’s such a community, and I’ve read all these entries by other people who've met up with other bloggers to hang out, and tonight I finally got to do it, too!

This get together was organized by Sabrina and there were lots of other fun bloggers there. I need to make a special mention for Tina because I ran into her in the hall outside the restaurant and seriously almost went “Carrots!” before remembering that is not in fact her real name. Hers was one of the first blogs I read! It’s kind of like meeting a celebrity!

Here she is taking a picture of her food.


It was way cute having all the bloggers there- we all started taking pictures at the same time. Plus everyone was so healthy! I’m used to going to mall restaurants with my college friends, and there’s a lot of “chili fries!” “cheesecake!” etc., but this was all “and can I get that with steamed vegetables?”

It’s nice to be around healthy eaters!

Sabrina’s friend Lauren was nice enough to split the mu shu with me (I knew the portion would be way too big for one person, which indeed it was). I felt bad, though, because she clearly didn’t like it!

Here it is:


It was okay. I ate about half of it, although I have leftovers, cause like I said Sabrina’s friend was not such a fan. It was a bit greasy, although I do have a soft spot in my heart for the occasional greasy Chinese.

Plus, this version of mu shu, like every time I’ve ordered it lately (I mean bearing in mind that I order it like once every three years, hahaha), came with silly TORTILLAS, instead of rice wrappers, which I much prefer.


Tortillas. Are not. Chinese. I mean, neither is mu shu probably, but it tastes so much better with the rice wrappers!

Anyway, the meal was great if not for the food then for the conversation. There was lots of girly chat about Sabrina’s wedding, and it was interesting getting tips from other food bloggers, and hearing everyone talk about the pressures they feel about posting to keep their readers happy (as I have about three readers, I have it much easier!)


My fortune cookie was kind of awesome and baffling. “Be tactful, overlook your own opportunity.”  My previous favorite awesome and baffling cookie fortune was “If the shoe fits, it’s probably your size”.

It was a nice evening. I love having blogging mentors!

Here we are, looking kind of dark. I’ll post a better quality one if the other ladies post.


That’s me, Tina, Sabrina, Elina (oh my God the rhyming!), Sammie, and Shannon


Oh yikes, I just noticed that the big blue bruise on my arm is REALLY OBVIOUS! It’s from getting blood drawn to test whether I’m a match to donate bone marrow to someone! My arm is ugly for a good cause!

Once I came home I knew I’d be hungry later. The usual Sunday conundrum- making sure I eat enough.

The fun thing, however, is a big plate of SHWAG!

Our school has an event called “coffee at finals”. It features “free” (I mean in the way that anything given away by the school I pay five figures a year in tuition for can be free) buffet of various foods, most on the carby spectrum. Here’s my loot:


Three mini clif bars (there were gazillions, clif must have some kind of deal with BU- I’m planning on having them for pre- and post-gym snacks), three Tazo tea bags (I’m stoked about that, I’ve been low on tea but I’m leaving in a week- individual bags are the way to go!), a raisin bagel with some lite cream cheese, a huuuuuge chocolate chip muffin, an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, and some fruit (I wanted more fruit but there was a puny amount and people were already glaring at me for getting all of this).

OBVIOUSLY I will be rationing all this out in the next week. The fruit and cream cheese are in adorable mini tupperwares in my fridge (I am such an old lady, I have a serious tupperware addiction), the carby goodness is in a paper bag, which will hopefully keep it fresh, and the bars and teabags have somewhat replenished my pretty sparse pantry.

SO. I have a little less than a week at school (my last final is Friday, I go home Saturday morning). Time for me to gear up!


Elina said...

It was really nice to meet you last night! Thanks for the sushi place recommendation. I'm going to have to check it out soon!

Tina said...

Haha! That "action shot" of me is so funny! I'm such a dork! It was nice meeting you last night! :)

Quinn said...

So fun that your school has those giveaways! I would have hoarded the Clif bars for sure!