Friday, May 22, 2009

H mart love!

I am a new member of the H Mart fan club. I hear raves from all the other bloggers who live in H Mart cities, and now that I’ve experienced it, I totally get why!

We got 10 oranges for a dollar tonight!

And beautiful bok choy, snow peas, artichokes, cherries, shrimp, dumplings, pineapple, soba noodles, limes, pork chops, chicken, and seriously probably more that I can’t even remember. It was DIZZYING BOUNTY!

I think probably every H mart has its own local flavor. The one in my neighborhood (there are three in my part of northern Virginia, so I have to hit up all of them to get their vibes!) had a LOTTT of Korean stuff (appropriate, since where I live is often called “Koreatown”) and also a lot of Hispanic stuff- it was instant miso soup leading to instant arroz con pollo. SO FUN!

For dinner, we got fabulous Korean deli!


Sashimi platter! Gorgeous fish, gorgeous veg, and that sweet and spicy red sauce was like CRACK!


Seafood and scallion pancakes! Awesomely dense and comforting!


Sesame pickled dandelion greens… a little crazy.



Here is my first plate.


I ate a lot more. My mom and I finished the sashimi (though we have a lot of leftover greens, and CRACK SAUCE!), ate cumulatively two of the pancakes, and had… a little of the dandelion greens. They were on the exotic side!

Lunch was pretty boring—I had a slightly upset tummy and was running out the door to get a haircut. A wee yam, more lentils and spinach topped with greek yogurt. I wasn’t feelin’ the crackers, so I put them back and had half a piece of spelt toast with cranapple butter.


The haircut looks pretty cute, but the lady cutting my hair got me all anxious and paranoid cause she says my hair is falling out! She claimed it could be “stress”. I mean, I’ve had a stressful year, but not more than usual!

So yeah, I am going to take LOTS AND LOTS OF VITAMIN E! I don’t want to be bald! Do people know good hair-growing foods/vitamins/etc?

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