Wednesday, April 15, 2009

sweet treat and road grub

I had a fun evening snack xD


More gojus strawberries (just to be clear, those are halves- it’s hard to tell the way I sliced them) and PENNY CANDY!

Those are Reeses pieces, gummi bears, and chocolate covered raisins. I ate all but a few of the chocolate covered raisins, which I used to restock my emergency chocolate stash in my desk drawer!

It was really nice getting them, too- the convenience store is about a block and a half away (well there’s one half a block away, but the further one has better selection) and it was just really pleasant taking in the cool night air. It’s finally nice enough that I can go out at night in a long sleeved shirt and a sweater and not be horribly cold and uncomfortable! Yay! There is something I just really like about taking walks at night.

For the road tomorrow, I’m bringing a nice selection.


Trail mix, granola bar, naner, and hummus with carrots, cucs, and crackers. I’m also planning on getting a latte, because there’s a Dunkies at the train station (haha, two actually- they are INSANE about their Dunkin Donuts in New England) and I’ll want energy to fuel my paper!

Finally, a cool giveaway! All natural groceries! At One Frugal Foodie.

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