Friday, April 10, 2009

afternoon tea…

… is so fun and proper! I also got our school newspaper so it was kind of morning-y, too, with the crossword and sudoku (crosswords and sudoku are the only reason to get our school paper x_x).

I had another of my muffins from yesterday, smeared with a bit of extra honey because they really weren’t QUITE sweet enough. But the texture is still crazy awesome!

I also had a cup of Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast, my preferred black tea, even when it’s not breakfast time, per se. I have mine just with milk. I’ve always loved a nice English cup of tea. When I was younger, I’d have sugar—LOTS of sugar. Ideally, 4 spoonfuls, hahaha. My mom made me and my sister stop at 2. Anyway, I don’t remember when I started weaning myself off of it, but now I only like it with milk… I tried having it with sugar awhile ago just for nostalgia’s sake, and I didn’t like it anymore! I guess my taste buds have grown up.


I just like the whole teatime tradition, with tea and a little sweet something, too. My dad’s mom is English and has a huuuuuuuuuuge sweet tooth, so I’ve had it with her many a time. Her signature thing is getting chocolate creams and squeezing them to see what flavors are in there and leaving the ones she doesn’t like for everyone else, hahaha. I totally do it sometimes, too.

And my mom’s mom was both an afternoon tea fan and an indescribably good cook, and especially baker, so with her we’d have afternoon tea with, say, homemade ice cream sandwiches made of thick pillowy chewy homemade gingersnaps and homemade creamy luscious lemon ice cream. Or homemade strawberry rhubarb tart with meringue on top with orange custard sauce on the side.  She died this past December, and it’s amazing how strong my memories are of her, and how many of them are food related!

Anywho, it’s Passover, and I went Kosher for dinner! Hahaha, total coincidence. I’m not Jewish. BUT I am a fan of this product right here:


Tabatchnick has frozen packets of soupy stewy type things, and I really like their chili, especially when I am in a rush and want something reasonably healthy (incidentally, I also loooooove kosher hot dogs- I think their flavor is the best, and I hope against hope, probably incorrectly, that some of the scary ingredients in regular hot dogs don’t go in when there’s a nice rabbi supervising. Wishful thinking, I am sure, but it’d be great if they were even a little less gross). The chili is not as thick as it looks on the cover of the box, obviously, so if you’re a super carnivore it might not be for you, but it’s good good protein with the beans and also some soy protein crumbles, and the flavor is nice and natural.


I topped it with some green onion, cheese, and crumbled up TJ’s whole wheat crackers for crunch.


On the side, a micro-baked sweet potato with cran-apple butter. I took like ten pictures, legit, and this one was the LEAST bad. My camera just doesn’t like sweet potato the way I do. Not only is it blurry, but it kind of looks like the sweet potato is bleeding to death, oi.

I’m seriously zonked, and most of my friends went home for Easter (being Greek, my Easter is a week after everyone else’s, so I’m going home next weekend). I’m planning a fairly antisocial weekend. It NEEDS to be antisocial, in fact, because I NEED to catch up on work.

Finally, there’s a super fun giveaway over at to be the whole package!

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