Saturday, April 11, 2009

so filling!

I’ve been oddly un-hungry today, considering my breakfast was delicious but didn’t have that much protein.

In addition, I didn’t eat much yesterday (bad, I know), I’m pmsing, and I worked out this morning (usually that makes me RAVENOUS by lunchtime!). I guess it’s just giving myself quality fuel. I’ve had a lot of superfoods lately! Still, though, I seriously need to eat more.

Lunch was quite delicious.


It began with another thawed bowl of my big batch of homemade black bean soup, steaming sexily.

Then I set about making an open face grilled cheese! My dad always makes open faced grilled cheeses (he does it with salsa, too, which… I don’t). As a kid I preferred my mom’s method (closed faced, sauteed with a whole buncha butter!) but we cannot all be like my mom, who is a skinny intuitive eater who can eat small portions of rich food and be perfectly satisfied.

Going open faced means you can use less cheese, have a nice visual spread, and, I think, get a better taste of the individual ingredients. I started by broiling up some TJ’s spelt bread with a teensy bit of mustard (just a little! it gives it a wonderful subtle background note!) and 1/4 a granny smith apple on top:


Then I turned off the broiler, added some shredded cheese (3 tbsp or so) and put it back in the warm oven til the cheese melted.


I cut it on the diagonal, because sandwiches just taste better that way. They just do.


I really really love the combination of apple and cheddar. And the tad bit of mustard! And is there anything better than grilled cheese and soup on a rainy day? In my humble opinion, there is not!


And everyone, all together. This lunch left me SO FULL, even though the black bean soup’s so low cal that the complete meal was still shy of 400 calories! Good grief! I still have to eat more!

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