Saturday, April 11, 2009

sweet, sour, and zesty!

My dinner tonight was all about the flavor combos!

I started with this Self magazine recipe for a marinade for chicken, but I used mahi mahi instead (I followed the recipe, dividing it by 4, but I marinated it a lot less- like only about 20 minutes- cause I didn’t want any scary fish protein breakdown).

WOW! It was so meaty and awesome! The miso paste made lousy soup, but it makes for a seriously tasty marinade! It almost tasted like it had been grilled, which makes no sense, since I made it on the stove, but what a fun, wondrous mystery!

My fillet kind of fell apart, but that was my own fault. However, I am nonetheless amazed at how much the one on the left looks like the picture in the recipe! Go me!


To accompany, I made a really nice Cooking Light recipe that I’d used before, and once again, it did not disappoint. Sweet and sour cabbage!


This is alternately comforting and exotic. Cabbage is so cool. It’s cheap, it’s a nutrient powerhouse, it’s super light in calories, and it can take on so many flavors depending on what you do to it. Raw it’s pepper, and baked, with some onion, garlic, oil, honey, and vinegar, it’s warm and tangy and complex and sweet and SUPER DELISH!


In addition, I had more brown rice with sesame oil and green onion. My new favorite! The nuttiness of the sesame oil brings out the nuttiness of the brown rice. You only need a teeeeeny bit-- like 1/4 tsp for one serving of brown rice, sesame oil’s pretty potent-- but man it is tasty!


All together.

This afternoon, during my studying marathon, I fueled myself with this, which is rather difficult to photograph:


BU has this pretty cool program, Sargent Choice (Sargent is our undergrad college for health science related stuff). They offer foods in the dining hall and retail places that are lower in saturated fat/cholesterol/general bad things. So I got some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, which I’d never seen before!

The ingredients were totally non-scary! There’s actually a recipe online. I don’t totally buy that they’re quite as low calorie as that claims, but still. They are super tasty and have natural ingredients! Much better than buying Mrs Fields or something scary like that with hydrogenated oil and preservatives and just… nastiness. They don’t taste natural.


These guys taste natural! They’re small, but SO TASTY! Sweet and nutty and crumbly and buttery (although they don’t have any butter!) and suuuuuuuuper filling. This is the second one in the packet, which I’ll be having later- I had one while I was studying, along with a small skim cappuccino, plus half a banana once I got back to my apartment (my muscles have been super achy lately, and I know potassium is good for that!).

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