Tuesday, April 7, 2009

mondo excitamundo!

I feel like food bloggers are divided into two categories: those obsessed with Barney Butter and those who haven’t tried it.

I gots me a free sample!


That cute lil packet is only 90 calories (I actually ended up only using half, first of all cause it’s a BIG PACKET due to almond butter being slightly less calorically dense than peanut butter and also because I want to try this stuff in as many applications as possible- I have two packets, so we’ll see how long I can make them last!)


My first taste was on the utensil God gave me. It was yum!


Then I had it shmeared on 3/4 of an apple I had (I know I eat weird portions of fruit- 1/2 or 1/4 at a time. This was leftover because I had 1/4 of it last night to supplement a granola bar when I wanted something fresh and cool. Basically I have culinary ADD and like to have lots of little bites of things, so it results in things like 3/4 of an apple and 1/2 packets of barney butter sitting around in my fridge!)

So. Barney Butter. I’m having a hard time thinking of words to describe it. Rich is one. Sweet is another. Honestly, though, the best I can think of is… grown up. It’s like peanut butter got a pedigree. It’s lighter on the palate but subsequently richer, if that makes sense? And there’s something almost… smoky? I’m having a seriously difficult time of this, so I’m relieved I am not finished with my sample- maybe I’ll be more articulate the next time I try it!

I also had another Maria cookie with this, because I was still feeling peckish and realized that I really hadn’t eaten much today, oi. I did have a skim chai latte in the interval between lunch and dinner (I was doing really awesome fieldwork! I’m an anthropology minor, and I’m taking a class on American culture, and we have to go out in Boston and study people!) but still… small meals, moderately small snacks. I still need to ingest more! I keep forgetting I’m no longer trying to lose weight! Oi.

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Lydia M said...

I've tried that barney butter stuff. I thought it was too sweet! I like the taste of almond butter but not this particular brand. It has added sugar and oil. Gotta say, I prefer my TJ's peanut butter.

(Also, hurray I can post comments!)