Saturday, April 11, 2009

ensalada de fruta

Es maravillosa!

I took Spanish in my four years of high school and my first year of college and I have forgotten almost EVERYTHING :( I am definitely not a languages person.


I always kind of forget how much I love fruit salad, and then I make some, and it’s like WOW I LOVE FRUIT SALAD!


My aunt Michelle is the queen of fruit salad. She’ll have a bazillion colors and flavors- melon and kiwi and pomegranate seeds (!). I just made this because I only had two strawberries left and I was like “that is not enough for a gorgeous morning fruit plate of strawberries… so I’ll chop up some other fruit and make fruit salad!”

So I added 1/2 an apple and 1/2 a banana (I bought bananas daaaaaaaays ago and they are finally ripe-ish, although not mushy enough for proper banana oats. But perfect for fruit salad!)


I tossed the fruit together with a wee bit of honey and lemon juice, and the alchemy that happens with the acid, the sweetness, the fruit juice, all the textures and colors and flavors… it’s just MAGIC!


Along with some lovely comforting oats, because it’s been awhile and today is kind of overcast and gloomy.


These I just made with 1/2 milk and some cinnamon. Simple and delish!

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Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

i also love sandwiches on a diagonal. They DEF taste better ;)

love the cheddar and apple combo ;)