Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Aw, I miss Yogi Bear.


Breakfast was PB and banana oats. Kind of an odd choice for such a warm day, but delish!

For lunch, I roasted up some mango chicken sausage, mushrooms, and green peppers (half those peppers are going to be taco salad later!)


And made a transit ready pita sammich, with just a bit of mustard DSCF0746

An orange on the side, and voila, a picnic! I am off to the Esplanade, the most beeyootiful part of Boston this time of year. I bought SUNBLOCK, since I got good and roasted over the weekend, yikes!

For a beverage, a homemade mint Arnold Palmer!


I steeped some sugar, a black tea bag and mint stems in some hot water, then cooled it off. Mixed with a whoooole buncha lemon juice, more mint leaves, and ice. Arnold Palmer!

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