Tuesday, April 7, 2009

deconstructed sammich

My dinner had the idea of a sandwich (bread, protein, flavorful spread) but was kind of rearranged.


For our topping, we have Kath inspired mashed beans and pesto. I took 1/2 a cup of my leftover garbanzos and zapped them with a tablespoon of pesto (I bought a whole buncha basil in like September at the farmer’s market, made pesto, froze it, and voila, summer flavor year-round) for like 1 minute, and mashed them together, along with a little bit of water. Then shmeared on the english muffin. Soooooooooo good! Very savory and filling


My vehicle for this was an experimental new purchase- these guys were on sale. I have always adored Thomas’ regular English muffins, but, yknow, fiber.


Why Thomas! 100% whole wheat! These were pretty good, but I’m saving my full product review for my second muffin, because the pesto and garbanzo flavors were so strong I didn’t really taste the muffin. Texture was nice though!


On the side, I made my FAVORITE carrots. Steam some chopped up carrots (this was probably a cup and a half or so?). Heat up 1/2 a tsp of butter on medium. Throw in finely minced garlic (half a small clove) and some minced fresh ginger (1/2 a teaspoon or so?). Let the garlic and ginger flavors infuse the butter. Toss in the steamed carrots when they’re done (it takes 10 minutes or so, depending on how small you chop them- the smaller they are, the more surface area gets coated with the yummy butter, so keep that in mind- whole baby carrots are too big, in my opinion). Cook together until the smell is so irresistible you can’t stand it anymore!


All together. A lovely dinner- two awesome flavors; pesto and ginger-garlic butter.

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