Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mm mezze

Mezze is the tapas of the Greece/Middle East region. Lots of yummy little nibbles, heavy on the fresh and seasonal, to nosh on. Also great for weeknights!


So we had leftover pork chops. I went to Cooking Light’s message board (tip: just Google “Leftover pork [or whatever you have leftovers of] site:cookinglight.com and you’ll get a bunch of helpful message board posts without having to post yourself and wait for it). I have been on such a winning streak with Cooking Light recipes. I get both Cooking Light and Vogue at a similar time every month, and I devour both of them, and it’s sort of the same idea- beauty, glamour, HUNGER. But I can actually afford the stuff in one of them :D

Anyway, my quest led me to this recipe.


Bulgur, mmm. Pork, mm. Fresh tomatoes, cucs, and herbs, mm. Throw it together in 15 minutes and let it chill for a few hours for heavenly flavor infusion! And can we TALK about those colors?! I’m glad I went for the red and yellow tomato :D

DSCF1859Plus a Greek antipasto tray of sorts. Pickled vegetables, olives, hummus, pita bread, my homemade wheat bread, feta. YAY NIBBLES!  

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