Monday, August 17, 2009


When life gives you bread that fails to rise…


Make a crazy tasty BLT! (or in this case, TBALT)

Cutting on the extreeeeeeeeeme diagonal resulted in somewhat appropriate looking bread slices (that were, incidentally, tasty despite not looking like much):


Delicious toppings of  crisp lettuce, vine-ripe farm-fresh tomatoes from the farm stand yesterday,  turkey bacon that gets surprisingly crisp and tasty in the microwave (good to know!), and the piece de resistance (substituting healthy fat for the bad and in my opinion not-good tasting fat in mayo!) mashed avocado, resulted in a sandwich that made my tastebuds oh-so-happy.


My mom made this sandwich earlier this weekend and I had total sandwich envy, so I’m glad I got one for myself :D Although hers actually had HALF AN AVOCADO on it. I love avocado but that is a bit overwhelming for me-  I used more like an eighth and still got rich silky smoothness and flavor. Hahaha although she spent about the next 8 hours talking about how full she felt.

I’m posting breakfast because once again I was delighted to avoid excess dishes by empty container usage:


Last of the TJ’s cottage cheese with leftover fruit salad on top, Life cereal with a splash of milk. 

In between those delicious meals, I used my new daytime freedom to hit up some drop-in gym classes. I went for Pilates at 12:30 and stayed through at Zumba until 2.

Zumba is SO FUN! It’s nice, too, because the people at my rec center in the middle of the day are… old. So I felt young and shapely and limber and coordinated! But the dance moves are too fun, despite me being terrible at them. And working out to music kind of makes you forget you’re working out!


Anonymous said...

Yay for feeling shapely, limber, and coordinated!! That's awesome. I went to a beach once that was 99% retirees, same thing! I felt a lot less shy about the ole bikini!

Heather S-G said...

way to make lemonade out of lemons!! Sounds delicious :D