Tuesday, September 28, 2010

perks of singleton

Sat down to one of (in my opinion) the ultimate “I’m Single And Have No One To Impress; Damn This Tastes Good” meals.

Beans on toast!


Rumor has it that my cousin’s husband Richard (who’s English) used to eat beans on toast on a nearly nightly basis before he fell in love with my cousin, who is conveniently a ridiculously talented cook and pastry chef. Aw.

That being said, I sort of could see myself continuing to eat beans on toast on a nearly nightly basis and be happy. I like Single People Food.

Though I must say, I clarsed mine up considerably: cannelloni beans mashed with fresh rosemary on farmer’s market Celtic wheat toast.


More by-necessity single people food: have people ever beheld these wonderfully weird things?


Potatoes? I wondered when I saw them on the counter. Dinosaur eggs?




Some kind of winey grape. It had thick skin (as seen above)…


and seeds!

It was delicious but it was also odorous. I can’t quite put my finger on what the smell was (definitely not fruity! More… minerally? I’ve heard wine grapes compared to sulphur but that falls a little short too).

Anyway, yay, I’m single! Who cares how my house or breath smells?!

Something that may keep me from being single for long…


Based on the poor decisions I made in the vicinity of Dave’s Fresh Pasta last autumn, I am inclined to believe that pasta is dangerously alluring food. Best re-gift ever. My cousin had too many homemade pasta rollers, can you imagine?!

Finally, potentially creepy habit that may keep me single (arachnaphobes avert your eyes!):



We had this beautiful wise well okay I’m being anthropomorphic but we had this spider who used to set up camp on our back deck. She it would weave her its web right by the light bulb, so moths would flock to the light and she’d ensnare them.

However, the spider we christened Charlotte (can I get some E.B. White love up in here?!) seems to be no more, and she seems to have DAUGHTERS who now seem to have set up together!

Their webs are works of art, as are THEY! Look at those beautiful markings!


I know this is kind of creepy of me. Honestly, ordinarily I hate spiders and if I ever had one in my house, even one of these cool ladies, I’d flip out.

But in their proper environment (SAFELY OUTDOORS), I see them as the pest-eating, beautiful, mythical things they are.

No scientist has ever figured out the strength and flexibility of spider silk!

While I photographed Sister #1’s beautiful underbelly, Sister #2 was busy chowing down on dinner.


That moth had no chance!

So yes, this is my current habit. Of animal fixations, it seems relatively harmless. You all are free to give me a talking to if I get into taxidermy. Or snake charming.


Rhea said...

This post should be a reality show: part cooking show, part adventure show! Loves it.
Season 2: dating show?

Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen said...

Amen for single people food. :)

If you DO take that suggestion for a dating show, I'm totally in as a judge.

PS. I will be working all day Friday when you are in town, but that evening and the weekend are free. I only have tickets for Sunday at ACL, but any food you want, I will help you obtain. :)

Tamara Marnell said...

It's a good thing I saw this post while alone--my sweetie has agoraphobia. One downside of not being single for me is the need to often eradicate eight-legged demons from our apartment and soothe jittery nerves afterwards :p

Kasey said...

I've never had beans on toast but it sounds simple and good!

Spiders totally freak me out- but not as much as roaches do!

Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen said...

I realize I already commented on this post...but you will be in Austin in A WEEK! So e-mail me (sarah@thesmartkitchenblog.com) and we will coordinate a little meet-up (or five, whatever). :)