Friday, September 10, 2010

good mojo

Driving home from work today, I just felt good mojo. I’d had an amazing day with the kids (I made them do the chicken dance, my co-leader and I were in this amazing mental osmosis state, they bonded over this adorable activity). And then I just felt that feeling of goodness momentum, when the world looks beautiful and you get all the green lights and you think man I love my life.

A small example of why I love my job. A student made me this:


The message reads:

From Mary Faith
You said you like sunny summer day[s].
This is you!


How awesomely happy is fisherman girl?! How awesomely cute is Mary Faith?!


Last night was another intensely awesome Americorps potluck.

Like any good night, I have no remotely good pictures for the blog. Steve brought black bean burgers with Sriracha (yes), Erin brought homemade banana bread (yes!), and Carolyn brought homemade stuffed peppers which we grilled and OH MY GOD GUYS YOU KNOW HOW GRILLED THINGS ARE REALLY GOOD AND ALSO STUFFED PEPPERS ARE REALLY GOOD?! This was really really… really good.

Here is a vague prep shot of my contribution that I took before anyone arrived (while I was still throwing gallons of lighter fluid on the grill):


On your right are pitas and more eggplant dip, which I grilled up as an appetizer.

For my entree contribution, in that plastic bag was thawed frozen pizza dough. One I grilled with arrabiatta sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan, and the other I made sexy and Mexican (ish) with cheddar jack and avocado.

Do have to give a credit to the alcoholic beverage of choice, chillin’ by the ornamental pepper plant.


The lovely people at Sinless Margarita were nice enough to send me a sample of their all natural yet sugar free (stevia! Holla!) margarita mix.

You cannot fault them on these ingredients:


But GUYS, the FLAVA!

In a dream world, I’d always make homemade margaritas with freshly squeezed lime juice, but who lives in dream world? Dream people. Not named me.

So instead I will buy this mix.

Like all good margaritas, it is sourrrrrr. I don’t like a margarita that tastes like a lime popsicle. I like a margarita that makes me puckery! This one had a wonderful tannnnng. It also lacked any hint of stevia bitterness.

Delicious! Especially mixed with tequila :D

The greatest star of the evening came out after the sun set:


Hot coals plus grilled marshmallows. It was on.

Erin appropriated my camera. Feel free to check out my adorable shoes in this picture, and also the coals I skillfully coaxed into hot ember-ness.


And now an unattractive grilling montage of Carolyn and me!


Think in the last one I may be singing? I played a mix I made for deck parties in high school and have to say I was super impressed with my 17-year-old taste. It was 90s-licious (I mean I was not 17 in the 90s. I was listening to 90s music when I was 17. Just clarifying!)

You know you still love Eve 6.

Favorite thing to grill?

Favorite 90s song?

Ever have one of those days where everything seemed right?


Anonymous said...

90s music is really great... it always reminds me of dancing around in my room, or listening to music on the school bus (my bus driver always turned the music up loud! What fun!)

Lauren said...

Hi! I'm trying to put together a group of DCers to meet-up for a happy hour meet and greet. Are you on twitter? You can follow me at LaurBiochemista and search #dchealthblogger for updates. I'll also be posting on my blog about events. Hope to meet you!


Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said...

90's music is the best.. so are the movies too :)