Thursday, September 9, 2010

technically an omnivore?

So while I am still technically an omnivore, I was going through some pictures of lunches I’ve eaten and realized that the last time I ate meat was one week ago (last Thursday). And it’s TBD whether I’ll have any today (we’re doing another potluck :D)

The fact that I’m meat wary and tend to only want local meat (which is $$$) combined with the fact that me and my fellow corps members are netting a pretty tiny income and also environmentally inclined has just meant… a lotta plants lately. I love it!

In an organized moment this weekend, I made some dip that I’ve been smearing on things (and, to be honest, occasionally eating from the bowl with a spoon) all week.


Tangy Stovetop Baba Ghanoush, from the inimitable Food for Laughter. The deliciousness of this dip comes from several aspects.

First, you begin by soaking the eggplant in water, which helps leach out some of the bitterness and makes it oh-so-yummy.


Then there is its titular tang.

It’s sweet and sassy combo comes from a delicious amalgamation of, along with the eggplant, stovetop caramelized onions:


And honey and balsamic:


MAKE THIS! It’s easy and it’s listed to in Favorite Recipes (though I did scale down the recipe, so I used 1 small eggplant and 1 1/2 T each of, respectively, olive oil, balsamic, and honey).


A lot of lunches (last week and this week) have been pita+fruit+yogurt. Gets in a lotta food groups. Filling. Variety of flavors and textures.

Combo number one:


Strawberry shortcake flavored artifice (why are you so good, Yoplait Light?!), a beautiful perfect farmer’s market peach, and this:


Tuna, lettuce, and avocado. Very nice!

Wednesday’s was similar in food groups:


Pita with eggplant dip (YUMMY!)


And a bowl of Greek yogurt, chopped apple, walnuts, and cinnamon.


Today, I had all the ingredients for my FAVORITE SALAD! I invented this one day cleaning out the fridge and it’s the bomb.


Greens+ carrots+ avocado+ BLACK EYED PEAS!

Absolutely sublime combination of flavors, textures, and nutrients.


I cleverly repurposed a little container we got with Indian takeout to store my dressing- just oil and vinegar, mustard, and fresh cilantro (I usually use parsley but we were out).


Plus a muffin and yogurt, to get in my food groups :D


Agh must go to work! Have a good one!


Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

Ah, love eggplant - that looks great and love the idea of putting it in a pita (or a wrap with hummus perhaps). So do you see yourself becoming vegetarian just by way of consuming less and less meat?

Unknown said...

mmm all that food looks delish. Funny abotu the meat situation. I often do that too.

Anonymous said...

I also haven't been eating meat this week... although I'm a semi-vegetarian (I eat chicken + fish) - I haven't been in the mood. It's also more work to make meat...

Unknown said...

Wow - all that (plant-y) food looks delicious!
I´m not really a fan of labels... You should eat whatever makes you feel good!

Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said...

No wonder that's your favourite salad,it looks very good :)

I used to eat a lot of meat but since I learned about my high cholesterol I've been eating less and sometimes I go for a week without meat and not even missing it.