Saturday, November 14, 2009

splashes of color

I had such a ludicrously great day yesterday, culinarily and otherwise, and there are no pictures. SORRY!

But Bostonians, Dave's Fresh Pasta and Kick Ass Cupcakes are both excellent. Dave’s Fresh Pasta has, as the name would suggest, heavenly homemade pasta. We got artichoke and fontina and spinach and ricotta ravioli, and gnocchi. And, again, as the name suggests, Kick Ass Cupcakes has some kick ass cupcakes. We split a cannoli one and a chai spice pecan one.

Both provide takeout, which we then took to the boy’s apartment, which is also an EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT place to go! :D

So colors! Orangey yellowy greeny peppers!


Purple broccoli!

DSCF2759 DSCF2757

Made, with Akmaks, a FABULOUS hummus tasting plate (told you I lived on these!)


Those same peppers were featured in a wrapsie for lunch today:


On a TJ’s whole grain flax tortilla (<3<3<3) with TJ’s pesto chicken (<3<3<3) nuked for a minute and a half to reheat the chicken and steam the pepper. Delish!

With, what else:


Obviously went back for the other apple half.

More splash of color. I improved my standard breakfast with a splash of PINK! Elle Woods would so approve:


I tend to be a bit of a conservative when it comes to my peanut butter and banana oats (they are just SO GOOD) but I mixed it up today and went Cranny Banany! (The name is inspired by my former favorite trail mix which included dried cranberries and dried bananas. But I gave it up as the bananas were not actually all that wholesome, due to being, yknow, fried in hydrogenated coconut oil and drenched in sugar).


Cranny Banany Oats

1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup plus a bit water

1 T ish dried cranberries

1 banana

Combine and cook on medium to your desired consistency.

Top with PB and a swirl of TJ’s cranapple butter. SO GOOD!


Anonymous said...

Mmm yummy looking oats. I love finding new add ins for my oats.


gaga said...

What beautiful vegetables, I especially want to try the purple broccoli.

Anonymous said...

What camera do you have? Your photos of food make me drool and make me think of cool fall weather!

Bethany said...

I have been craving wraps all week!! I need to make myself one...maybe later today!

Anonymous said...

bah! I love that cranberry apple butter!

Kristen said...

Do you know what the deal is with the purple broccoli? There was another color in addition to purple the other day at the store and I was a bit confused! Maybe it's totally normal. I dont know!