Sunday, November 29, 2009

casual eggs

Ahhh home. Ahh leisurely Sunday brunch. Ahh mother who doesn’t mind my slightly ugly omelets (they still taste good!).

Well rounded and delicious as ever. Brunch is the perfect meal. I say this every time I make brunch, which is as OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.

Honeycrisp apple, more homemade focaccia  (seriously Astra, you deserve to be on some kind of walk of fame for this recipe), and a tasty if unorthodox mushroom, cheese, and avocado omelet.


Finally, ahh Costco membership, which means my house always has avocado (so much cheaper in bulk!) and, my <3, Chobs.


And now I’m back at school, for a (frighteningly!) brief three weeks and then I will be a COLLEGE GRADUATE.


Art and Appetite said...

Lele! First of all, Congratulations!

Never in a million years would would I ever thought of avocado in eggs. It sure does sound like something I'd love to try. Thanks for sharing!

Jordan said...

Yay for the Costco membership. I work there & I'm a Costco SNOB! Hahha. I'm so glad we started carrying Chobani! We also have Fage, at least at my location.

Anonymous said...

I have tried avocado with eggs, but not in an omelette.


Anonymous said...

aww being a college grad isn't so bad ;)