Monday, November 2, 2009

magic food transformations

I must be feeling post-y, you’re seeing all my meals today!

I had a seriously magic salad for lunch:


So here’s what I did. I made a bed of mizuna (this is the last of it and I’m fo sho buying it again! It’s delish!). Then I broiled up some mater and green peppers until nicely browned and softened. Then I whipped out today’s freebie #1:


Ignored the pita chips, grabbed a big hunka hummus. Put it alllll togeeeeeeether.


The result? DRESSING MAGIC! The acidy tomato juice combined with the creamy healthy-fattified hummus to make a LUSCIOUS dressing over the tender veggies and the tangy mizuna. HEAVEN!

The other half of lunch also rocked and also featured an awesome freebie:


I generally don’t go for the crunchy bars but oh. em. gee.

I made a bowl of TJ’s plain nonfat Euro, half a pear, and that bad boy:


IT TASTED LIKE PIE! The bar was sooooooooooooooooo delicious and perfectly spiced and wonderfully crunchy in contast to the silky yogurt and the soft pear! It rocked my little socks off! I don’t really know how something that healthified can taste like pie BUT IT DID! MORE MAGIC!

And the truly stellar news is that I have more yogurt, pear, and one more bar- I can make it again!

Snack was another freebie:


I know Larabars are all over the blog world, but I don’t buy ‘em, cause they’re out of my price range, and I vaguely remembered trying one once and being unimpressed.

However, since I got this one for free, I tried it, and APPLE PIE LARABARS ARE DELISH! And now my life is going to be about the acquisition of more Larabars! I too have caught the Lara-lust!

Good news is, even though I was unenthused before, I still took 3 free samples. Yknow, just in case :D My other flavors are next, I’ll let you know what I think!

Finally, dinner was artful leftovers.

I give you “cassoulet”.


Gorgey, right?

Look where I made it:


Heck yes. Love you, micro baby (and wow I need to clean my microwave!)

I took some frozen homemade veggie stock, and put it and some chopped up raw carrot in a bowl. Micro’d, which both melted the stock and steamed the carrots.

Then I stirred in leftover pork and taters from last night and the last of my white beans. Micro’d again, just to warm those guys through. Et voila, like MAGIC, cassoulet (oh my God, can you imagine what heresy a real french chef would think that was? Ha!)


Anonymous said...

Your salad also looks beautiful.

Astra Libris said...

Ooooh, I LOVE the kashi flax-right bars! SO delish! :-)

Your hummus dressing sounds SO perfect!! Hummus rocks my world!:-)

love lives in the kitchen said...

perfect salads!
have a sweet day,

The Purple Carrot said...

You described that salad very deliciously!!

I didn't love Larabars at first either but I sure do now! (though I agree ... I don't get them often ... they add up fast!)

Anonymous said...

larabars are delicious enough to spend the money! so good!

Anonymous said...

Lara bars. Just discovered them myself. I ended up buying the variety pack online. :)

Juliana said...

Oh! Nice salad, like that you used hummus...simple and yummie!

Abby said...

I have to agree that the Apple Pie Lara is in my top five, along with the Banana Bread, PB cookie, PBJ and Pecan Pie. You really can't go wrong...(except the Cherry Pie and Ginger didn't knock my socks off).

Have fun taste testing!