Monday, March 1, 2010

good things I ate this weekend

I had a vair healthful weekend. There was actual sunshine, so I went outside a lot, and I consumed a lot of really good food.

Throw together:


I heated up some olive oil in a pan, cooked sweet onion (mmm!) til soft, added snow peas for the last few minutes (they were still crunchy!) and then tossed in Trader Joe’s organic whole wheat penne (highly recommend!) and smoked salmon. So colorful. So good!

Continuing with my odd new trend, a recipe I made from an actual cookbook:




I now have approximately 30 recipes bookmarked in there that I want to make. HIGHLY recommend it!


Curry without the curry! “Kari”, the word from India that inspired the dish we call curry, just means “sauce”. Curry powder is a Western invention. This dish involved cooking spices in hot oil (cumin seeds, a bay leaf, paprika, turmeric, fresh ginger, coriander) and then tossing in a little bit of water, cauliflower, and peas, and letting them cook until soft.

Had it with homemade pita and homemade hummus and a lovely Pink Lady.


I had an enjoyable Saturday night outing. I saw The Last Station which was SO GOOD.

It was kind of funny, though… I think I was literally the only non-AARP member in the theater. Which is kind of odd because one of its stars is James McAvoy, who I consider a certified dreamboat. (Plus Helen Mirren, another of my great loves!)

I redeemed some cool points by having dinner at Busboys and Poets, a painfully cool restaurant (actually there are multiple branches in the DC area- this was Shirlington). Evidence of their coolness? A half hour wait for a table for two. At 9:30 at night.

Decor/fair trade store:


We ended up perching at a low down table in the bar area, rather than waiting the full half hour. The menu is pretty hippie looking.


On the note of the menu, I WANTED TO ORDER EVERYTHING ON IT! I will definitely be going back again to make more inroads.

Your assignment: check out this ridiculously amazing menu. What would you have gotten?

We ordered a buncha things and shared. First course, the harira (Moroccan chickpea soup):


Yummy! But, actually, seemed very achievable.

Next, pizza:


We got “The Poet”: roasted red peppers and portabellas on a multigrain crust. With mozzarella cheese and your choice of sauce (we went for the garlic and olive oil). Oh. Em. Gee. Heavenly crust, heavenly toppings, perfect quantity of cheese, not greasy. Smashing.

Finally, we split the homemade veggie burger:


I wish there were more of a sense of scale here- the patty was GIGANTIC! We got it with sweet potato fries, which were THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD. They definitely had some kind of coating on them that crispified them. Just fantastic.

What should I order when I (hopefully very soon!) go again?


Genesis said...

wow, that pizza looks really good. i love pizza that has amazing crusts! i get so disappointed when crusts are yuck. maybe ill try to recreate that one at home.

lizzy said...

Hi!, thanks for the comment!
...ohhh my your dinner out looks soooo delicious!! your cooked meals look fabulous as well! i'm such a lover of cauliflower! I could eat it alllll day long! :) I hope your having a great should definitely put sunbutter in your smoothies, it's delish! xoxo!

Andrea @Celery In The City said...

that cauliflower looks SO fricken good! also..I know this is weird, but I love that you ate an apple with your hummus-y lunch. hummus and apple are a great combo..salty and sweet lol

Jess said...

I am obsessed with cauliflower! It looks so good!!!

Delicious looking pasta :)
<3 jess

Gabriela said...

That cauliflower dish looks fantastic! I love indian food :) Glad you had a good meal at the restaurant, it sounds delicious...that pizza is making me drool! Have a great week!

fittingbackin said...

Your eats always look so fabulous!! I want the pizza now - and that cauliflower looks awesome (and I never go for that!).

Diana said...

Yum, that vegetarian Indian dish looks so good. Esp with homemade pita and homemade hummus! I bet those were awesome with it!

Hey, we ate the same thing for dinner. Well, I had a veggie burger and sweet potato fries on Sunday night. :)

Genesis said...

p.s. gave you an award on my blog.

katecooks said...

MMM that pizza looks so amazing! crusts really do make it or break it. usually when i'm in the mood for pizza, i decide based on the crust-style that i am craving LOL.

Juliana said...

Yummie, everything looks so good :-) Next time at Traders Joe, will get a bag of the whole wheat pasta ;-)

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

Thanks for the recipe book recommendation. I'm a sucker for a good cookbook. And that pizza looks awesome. I'm also a sucker for pizza!

Miss Smart said...

Just scrolled through your blog and had to laugh...I totally recognized the veggie burger from when I lived in Arlington two years ago and went to Busboys & Poets for dinner :) Nice to know some things don't change!

I have to say I like Luna Grill's veggie burger better...although the avocado on Busboys' gave it major bonus points.