Thursday, March 4, 2010

thoughts on the green monster

Well now like every other food blogger on earth ever I can say I’ve made a green monster! Here’s the thing: I don’t have protein powder. Cause it’s way expensive, and I prefer to get my protein the natural way (which today, er, entailed inhaling massive quantities of trail mix. Thank GOD I have a job interview on Tuesday- I have to get out of my house!)

Buttttt I saw in a blog (apologies, because I commented to said blogger about it and was grateful for the idea but now I can’t remember who did it!) that you could use Greek yogurt for your protein, and courtesy of a quality giveaway I now have tons of Chobs! So I made one, SIAB (smoothie in a bowl), Kath-style.


In went:

1 cup frozen spinach
1 blueberry Chobani (as usual with the Chobs, I tossed out most of the fruit goo at the bottom of the container)
1/2 banana
1 tsp flax
water (probably slightly too much)


To round out the meal for grains and healthy fat, mini toasts with avocado on top (like buttah, but bettah!)

Ultimately, this meal left me… COLD. SO SO SO SO COLD! The green monster tasted… okay. But all I could think about was how to get my body temperature up, because I think it dropped like five degrees. I want to try it again (with a bit less spinachyness and a bit more… everything else) but, like, in August.

Rewinding to brekkers, I tried a new (to me) cereal (it was on sale for two dollah!)


I am a big shredded wheat fan, and though I didn’t think it needed embellishing, unlike most cloyingly sweet vanilla-fied food items, this one just mostly tasted like vanilla. You see little flecks (real beans! Vair impressive!) on the lil biscuits, and when you pour the milk over it, it turns into vanilla milk! All in all, a keeper.


With naner :D


Molls said...

mmmmm NANers.. one a day !

i love smoothies but they never do the full trick for me.. but as a sweet addition to a meal yum. Yours looks awesome!

La said...

I've never used protein powders...even the natural ones just freak me out. I like putting nut butters and ground flax seed into my smoothies!! Favorite combo: banana+strawberry+pb+cinnamon+frozen spinach+ground flax. I do skip frozen vegs in the winter...too cold! I tend to go for smoothies in the summer, or in the winter where im bundled up and have no intention of going anywhere.

Tasha - The Clean Eating Mama said...

I have been drinking a lot of GM's lately! I just love them!

Joanne said...

I really like the idea of vanilla almond shredded wheat...I'm so glad to hear it's not super sweet.

I would definitely have the same problem as you with the green monster. I am never warm. Or rarely. And so drinking that? Would send me spiraling into a deep freeze. August. Definitely.

Lily @ Lily's Health Pad said...

I can't get on the GM in a bowl train. I love drinking my GM's though. I never put added protein in mine. I use a cup of soymilk, and I consider that to be enough when you factor in the traces of protein in the kale and fruit I add.

Astra Libris said...

I put my smoothies in a bowl too! :-) I also use yogurt for the protein instead of protein powders for economical reasons too - yay Greek yogurt! :-)

I LOVE the vanilla almond shredded wheat!!! :-)

Anais said...

I don't know if anyone's mentioned it yet but the green monster will taste MUCH better if it's fresh spinach!! I think it makes all the difference :) I also love adding frozen mango ;)

Abby said...

Welcome to the green monster world! I love my GMs! They are definitely not fun in the winter, but I drink them anyway.. but only when I'm in sweatpants and under a blanket on the couch! Also I don't use water. I use either soy milk or orange juice. Water is just blah in the smoothie!

MelindaRD said...

Good luck with the job interview. Lovely looking green monster.

Stephanie said...

I make my green monsters with fresh spinach, it has absolutely no flavor when mixed with vanilla almond milk and bananas? I add coconut oil & frozen strawberries too, soooo good!

I think using the frozen spinach may have been where things went wrong? I could be wrong though :)