Monday, March 30, 2009

last meal

On this season of Top Chef, they had a challenge where they had to prepare- for famous chefs- the meal they would want for the last meal of their life. I thought it was a GREAT challenge, and of course the things people want for their last meal are not fancy or frou frou- they are simple and delicious. I couldn’t think of my last meal, though!

Well tonight, I figured it out. Which, incidentally, made me really proud and excited! Not that I want to eat my last meal anytime soon. I want to eat a lot more meals (and do a lot more things!) before then. But when I do, I too want something simple, delicious, and FRESH.

Two words: fish. tacos.

There’s a place in the Outer Banks- a totally fun, laid-back neighborhoody restaurant called Mama Kwan’s, that makes the best fish tacos EVER. I am usually an adventurous eater at restaurants and try new things, but whenever I go there, I get the fish tacos, because I just don’t think it’s possible for anything else to be better.

BUT tonight I tried to recreate them- and I did a good job! I used this recipe from recipezaar (my new favorite website!), and I followed it pretty much exactly, dividing everything by 4 and only using 1 tsp oil.

Here’s my fish marinating:


Once it had sat in the lime juice for 20 minutes, it looked cooked! It was ceviche-like!


And here’s the fish  once it finished cooking. So professional looking!


I presented the taco fixin’s in my new favorite format, for the blog and for my own satisfaction. Big, gorgeous, colorful platter!


Incidentally, this was frozen mahi mahi that I brought at Trader Joe’s and then thawed- affordable and delicious! They call it the poor man’s lobster for a reason!


I also had some of my shredded reduced fat cheese for just a bit of creamy richness (it’s how they do it at Mama Kwan’s- I know fish and cheese sounds like a weird combination, but trust me, it’s SO GOOD), and diced green onion (again, Mama Kwan’s inspired- again, trust me, it’s the perfect, zesty accompaniment)



For the tortilla, as per usual, I used my Trader Joe’s whole grain, and broke it in half to make for easier loading and to prolong the eating process! I also shredded cabbage (again, Mama Kwan’s does that- it makes for a nice crunch!). I also added Trader Joe’s Salsa Autentica. Mama Kwan’s makes this insanely delicious limey sour cream but I didn’t have sour cream and I’m sure it’s wicked fatty. It was good with salsa too, though!

Finally, I have the last of my fresh papaya. I ate it last, and it was the perfect conclusion to the dinner- I have really enjoyed ending dinner with a fresh fruit “dessert”, it’s kind of a new thing for me.

So if I’m sitting on death row, or know the apocalypse is pending, barring being able to drive very quickly to Kitty Hawk, NC, I will make these bad boys.

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