Friday, March 27, 2009

junk food

But not!


We begin with the chicken nuggets, which is actually Trader Joe’s meatless Chickenless nuggets! My dipping sauce is hot sauce. Loves me some spice.


They are accompanied by the “fries”, which are oven baked sweet potato fries.


I made them using the Cooking Light method which has done amazing things for potatoes but actually I need to tweak it next time. As you can see, they browned up a bit too much on the outside, and I still had to nuke ‘em to get the centers soft. Nonetheless, they were delicious! Sweet potatoes are hard to mess up too badly. They are… *sigh* wonderful


And finally, I had the “coleslaw”.


Lovely fresh cabbage, shredded vair thin, tossed with a good amount of dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, a bit of vegetable oil, and a bit of mayo for thickening (another 1/4 of my little packet!).


To conclude this lovely meal, the other half of my apple from lunch. I’m really liking these guys- I got a 3 pound bag of the organic Gala’s. I know apples are one of those fruits that are particularly susceptible to pesticides, so I’m happy to have the organic.

I also snacked on a blueberry Z bar after the gym this afternoon. God I love Z bars. I took it easy at the gym since I’m still not 100%, but it felt good to be active.

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