Wednesday, March 25, 2009

baking and lunch preview

Last night I wanted to bake muffins again, so I modified my old shredded wheat recipe, making them apple-carrot muffins. They were only okay, though, so I’m going to tweak it before I post the new recipe.


In the meantime, a preview of lunch!

tuna close

I made some lurvely tuna salad with a 2.5 oz packet of tuna, some chopped up onion, carrot, and cuc, 1 tsp olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and a bit of mustard.

tuna on muffin 2

Atop a Trader Joe’s whole wheat british muffin. I adore them with all my heart. I have no idea why they call them “british” rather than english.

Huh, the tuna salad english muffin looks a lot like my sweet muffins. They tasted different, I promise…


To accompany, a Light&Fit in the new, seasonal flavor: Pomegranate Berry. I’ve had this before and immediately bought another one because it is TASTY yogurt. Not super sweet! Tangy and pomegranatey!

I’ll also have some fruit with it.

Hope everyone’s having a nice day!

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