Sunday, November 8, 2009

tasty weekend

Thanks for all the cute comments on my last post. I’ll tell boy he’s now a celebrity in the food blog world :D

I ate SO MUCH GOOD FOOD this weekend. I am not one to publish every little thing I eat because frankly a lot of it is not that interesting. But I just had some good stuff this weekend! I’ve sorted it by themes, ish.



Figgy oats! With the truly unbelievable addition of fancy mixed nuts I stole from that reception earlier this week. Cashews, almonds, PISTACHIOS, MACADAMIA NUTS!


The sweet and salty, plus that certain je ne sais quoi you get from figs… fabulous.

Today’s brunch:


I was almost DELIRIOUSLY hungry when I got home from church (Orthodox services are already lonnng and today there was a baptism. Adorable, but I had not eaten since like 7:30 last night!)

I made my basic batter (1 large egg, 2 T ish milk, cinnamon) and dunked in my bread (still using up my Nature’s Pride! Went for the 100% whole wheat today). But I mixed up my fruity component.

Okay so piece #1:



Piece #2:



They both got drizzled with cranapple butter and sprinkled with toasted slivered almonds. Fab.



Apricot-raisin rugelach from my favorite kosher bakery. *Swoon*

Oh yeah totes forgot about these!

See that gorgey orange batter?


Pumpkin muffins!


I’d post the recipe but… er… needs tweaking. They were delicious, but the outside was lovely and browned while the inside was not… actually… totally… fully… cooked.

Moving on!

I saw this place at Coolidge Corner and squealed. And called my friend and said “Your life is going to change.”


Froyo and toppings by the ounce! I’d lusted after the place in Jenna's blog but now we have one in Beantown! Score.

I hate the “$3.50 for frozen yogurt, then $.50 for each addition topping” places. Rip. off! This place was 35 cents an ounce- this bowl was like $2.65.


A good lunch:


Salad of butter lettuce, carrot, deli turkey, and this bad boy:


The. Best. Packaged salad dressing I have ever tasted. I got it as a free sample at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival and it is light, flavorful, fruity, tangy without burning your mouth off like so many of those nasty fruit dressings. I had such low expectations, then it rocked my socks!

Finally, dinner:


Ellie Krieger’s beef and butternut stew! Way less pretty than the one she plated (still can’t believe I saw her in person!) but soooooo delicious. I also put it on top of couscous.

So yeah… tasty, TASTY weekend!


Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

I am majorly jealous that Boston now has a self serve froyo place the year after I switch cities! I will definitely have to stop there next time I'm around.

Deborah said...

Oooh, wish I would have eaten at your house this weekend!!

The Purple Carrot said...

Mmmm ... pumpkin muffins & your brunch & froyo ... delish! : )

Eireni said...

Indeed, it was life changing!!

Anonymous said...

we just got a froyo place two doors down from work... DANGEROUS!

Bethany said...

That stew looks amazing!!! :)

Unknown said...

Ellie has wonderful recipes.

Lucky you to have this weekend.

Astra Libris said...

Girl, your guy is gorgeous!! :-) He's also a very lucky guy to have you in his life... :-)

Oh my goodness, I love rugalach... YUM!! I'm also swooning over your gorgeous french toast - such FABULOUS toppings!!!

Nancy said...

Wow, looks like you had a weekend of great eating! The pumpkin muffins look very yummy, and I'll have to try that butternut and beef stew sometime.

bhealthier said...

wow wow... thanks for your comment on my blog! you had some serious great eats this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Mmm the muffins look wonderful.


Anonymous said...

I want yogurttt! FROYO!