Friday, November 13, 2009

asian flavors



Until like two days ago, I may have never had a persimmon. And now I am OBSESSED. They had them at the Asian grocery store for some ludicrously cheap price (like 4 for a dollar or something! And now I’m kicking myself for not getting like $10 cause now there’s some other fancy breed there that’s $2 each!) and I bought them on a whim and ohhh man.

It literally took them WEEKS to ripen (I took the advice of the internet, which said they should feel like a water balloon) but they are so soft and squishy and sweet and amazing.

Atop some yogurt:


I mixed it all together and it was everything a flavored yogurt SHOULD be- sweet without being cloying with tons of sugar or chemically with artifical sweetener! Lovely lovely lovely.

Also, I made a stir fry that was SO EASY and SO TASTY the other night:


This was the star ingredient:


Fish sauce! That classic ingredient of Thai food. I got it in my Asian Food Grocer shipment (love ya Foodbuzz!)

So I marinated some chicken in the fish sauce, and then cut it into stir fry-y shapes.


Then I assembled my plants! I rehydrated two dried shiitake mushrooms (also Asian Food Grocer!) in like 1/3 cup boiling water (I saved the water) and chopped up some bok choy. On the upper right are minced garlic and ginger.


I heated up a splash of vegetable oil on medium high heat, then added the ginger and garlic, stir-frying until brown. Then I added the chicken, stirring and frying it until browned up on all sides. Then I added the crunchy part of the bok choy, stirred and fried some more. Then the bok choy leaves and the shrooms and 2 ounces of udon noodles, cooked just shy of al dente. At that point I dumped my shiitake mushroom broth on top, as well as a bit more fish sauce, and stirred and fried until the noodles were cooked, the bok choy leaves were wilted, and the broth was absorbed. Fabbity fab!


The final product, with my chopsticks :D


Udon noodles are really growing on me. They are wonderfully chewy. And this dish, with the shiitake and fish sauce flavors, was so EARTHY! So good.


Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

I've been wanting a persimmon for ages but they are ridiculous prices here. If they're a cheap asian fruit, though, I'm officially commisioning my dad to hop over to China town and pick some up

Unplanned Cooking said...

That's it... I'm buying one! I keep reading about how tasty they are, and I've never had one.

lesley living life said...

I still haven't ever had a persimmon and I've love to try one!

Anonymous said...

I never thought of adding fish sauce to a chicken stirfry, I love my stirfries so I'll have to try this out.


Chou said...

Persimmons are so yummy. I agree. Obsessed.

Anonymous said...

I approve of this asian post. :)