Thursday, November 19, 2009

guest star

My dinner was made by another cook!

My fabulous friend and one of my first blog readers, the lovely Eireni. So gorgey!


Roasted brussels (just with salt and pepper and olive oil- YUM), caramelized veggies (onions, shrooms, an carrots with a variety of delicious spices including cumin- YUM), and a couscous concoction involving pumpkin, orange juice, dried cranberries and walnuts that I must recreate ASAP. I probably ate twice what is pictured here! Thank you love!

I think I’ve been subliminally been trying to improve my mood (I always turn into an insomniac this time of year, arrgh) by using cheerful place settings. Case in point:


Along with being adorably presented, this meal was delish.

First, a hummus and avocado sandwich, a combination I’ve been OBSESSED with trying again since I scarfed it down on my hike (and it was just as delicious!)


And a lovely, fresh, crunchy bowl of chopped apple and (it’s underneath, I promise!) yogurt topped with cinnamon.


Had yesterday’s afternoon tea in my fave mug from my best friend:


Again, how could I not be cheered up! Ringo, George, John and Paul :D

In that mug was this free sample I got in the mail (seriously people, is where it’s at!)


This stuff is PACKED with sugar, but it is sooooooooooooooooooo warm and thick and comforting- definitely great for a treat. It’s above and beyond teabags, for sure. And I’m sure more economical than the ‘Bucks!


Bethany said...

You must post how to make the couscous!!

katherine said...

Aww I love the mug and bowl!!

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

Roasted brussels sound awesome. We usually steam them, but I definitely want to try that way

Anonymous said...

Can she make me dinner too? I want brussels now.

Michal said...

i love that smiley face mug!