Wednesday, September 9, 2009

straight from the farm

I have been going NUTSO at the farmer’s market :D It is so wonderful and beautiful and perfect.

I’ve had a lot of fabulous meals, heavy on the fresh produce.

One case in point, today’s lunch:


On the left, yummy salad of mixed greens; quick roasted veggies (carrots, peppers, and tomatoes, sliced thin and cooked at 500*); and homemade vinaigrette of dijon, salt and pepper, red wine vin, and olive oil. On the right, another half a free bagel from the roomie’s stash of bounty, and a plain Chobani with peaches (must say, waaaaaaaay better than peach chobani- loves me some farmer’s market peach!) and almonds.

I’ve also had some of particular appeal to food bloggers, which I’ll call “bloggerlicious”.

Bloggerlicious produce-heavy meal #1:


Beautiful salad with micro-steamed peppers and carrots; turkey; and pumpkin seeds (like Tina!).

Also bloggerlicious because, in the great spirit of bloggers, it incorporated FREE SAMPLES! Clif Mojo bar (absolutely delicious! Got it at the gym), fudge dipped Keebler cookie (yummy and nostalgic tasting! Got it from the grocery store); and 1/4 of a sausage and potato breakfast souffle (totally decadent! Got it from Panera).

I get way fewer free samples than other bloggers, though. If any people reading this want to remedy that, I’d be happy to review any and all products :D

Bloggerlicious produce-heavy meal #2:


Sauteed peppers, onions, and my new FAVE, Trader Joe’s andouille chicken sausage. Bloggerlicious because Christina made the exact same thing! Except she had hers with fancy freekeh and I had mine with peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerfect summer corn. I am having a love affair like no other with corn this summer.

In general,

There’s been a lot of this action:



Oh sweet sauté pan.


Astra Libris said...

Farmers Markets rock, as do your gorgeous, gorgeous meals!! I'm so glad you told me about the TJ's chicken sausage! Thank you!

Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

Go crazy with the produce now because - yikes! - winter is creeping in and the Farmers Markets are going away for a sad few months here in Boston. I'm happy about joining a fall CSA though, will run through the end of November at least!

Anonymous said...

I featured my farmer's market the other day :) I love going there and getting cheap, local stuff! Total score!

Amy said...

You wont me over with farmers market! I make all of my meals from what I get there!