Wednesday, September 23, 2009

long lost

So I went to the Allston Village Street Fair on Sunday. It was a day so beautiful it would’ve been a crime not to be outside, so I got off my sickbed and went to see live music, vendors, all that jazz. As I am wont to do at these events, I also got my share of free swag. Here was this morning’s sample:


Organic pumpkin flax granola, YAY! I’d heard a lot of other bloggers rave about this stuff, and now that I have an actual nutrition textbook, I’m realizing how ridiculously amazing Omega 3’s actually are. So I was stokedy stoked to try it.

One perfectly portioned 3/4 cup serving, in my beloved smiley face mug:


I had a bite, and GASPED. The reason this post is entitled “long lost”, is that I now have a baked good that is The One That Got Away. My favorite neighborhood coffee place is espresso royale. It’s a chain, but they have good coffee and nice ambiance, and until this year had the epic FLAXSEED BAR. Now they have newly reorganized, and the HEAVENLY RICH STICKY NUTTY FLAXSEED BAR IS NO MORE. Literally, I’d probably give up my firstborn child for the recipe.

HOWEVER. FlaxPlus Pumpkin Granola is somewhat reminiscent of an espresso royale flaxseed bar :D

But yeah, seriously, it was good. I am not a huge granola person, in part cause it’s soooooooooo calorie dense for a small portion, but this one had reasonable stats (250 calories for 3/4 cup) and had a really nice flavor- it wasn’t tooth-breakingly crunchy like I’ve found some granola to be, but actually had a nice give to it. I liked!


To give myself a bit more to chew, I also had some Honeycrisp slices. Mmm mmm mm!


And my usual morning cuppa tea. A lovely start to the day!


coco said...

OMG those flaxseed bars are gone!!!! Those things are amazing. Hopefully they are only temporarily gone. We should go get one sometime. I'm super busy right now with moving, but we'll plan a bloggie adventure soon!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

The granola sounds REALLY good! I'll have to look for it...