Friday, September 11, 2009

nutty crunch

I am a creature of habit on breakfasts. I’m either having peanut butter and banana oats or this:


Grape nuts flakes (so yummy! Bought ‘em cause they were on sale. If you hate mushy cereal you’ll hate these, cause they don’t stay crispy, but I am a fan), banana (generally a whole one; in this morning’s case it was one of those crazy mutant foot long Trader Joe’s bananas, so I used half), and slivered almonds. DELISH!


The funny thing is, this and my peanut butter and banana are virtually nutritionally identical: whole grain+ banana+ nut. Basically it’s just whether I feel like hot or cold.

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Anonymous said...

I totally eat banana oats like 90% of my mornings too - love them with some PB mmmm!! :)