Friday, July 17, 2009

sweet friends

I was going a little bonkers today- I always get freaked out and overextended feeling, especially when family stress is going on. I actually ended up taking the day off work, which was good, and then being able to spend last night and most of today at my dad’s, and also get my car inspected, get stuff done, etc.

I generally am irritated with people who profess a need for “me time”, as they’re generally those with too much time on their hands, but as I was sitting on my deck, alternately escaping from my sister’s crazy obnoxious ring tone and guilt tripping myself for missing work, my mom came out and reminded me that you need to focus on your health, physical and mental. I have to remember, too, that I am just not productive at work when I reach a certain point of exhaustion. And then I got a really nice email from my boss sending her sympathies about my grandfather. And my dad and aunts and grandma were very appreciative to have the help I was willing to give. Anyway, that’s all I can do!

So tonight I caught up with some friends, and it was wonderful!

My bestie Lydia came over first, and we mulled options for dinner. Then in a flash of genius, she remembered a “teeny tiny authentic Chinese place that’s really cheap!”

Is there ANYTHING better?


Sure enough, there it was, in a strip mall hidden behind my vet’s office!

However, the somewhat humdrum exterior belied the adorable inside:


The people who were inside seemed to be mostly Chinese! Yess! I am ridiculous about that.

The menu was of the circle what you want variety. You order a bunch of small plates and share:


We went for the veg, since Lyddie is a vegetarian. No worries, as I am a plant lover!

Lookit this gorgeous display.


Beginning on the top left and going clockwise, that’s tofu skin with edamame and mustard greens; delicious and spicy cucumber salad; a salad of tofu (doesn’t it look like mushrooms?), peanuts, and cilantro (the magic ingredient that pulled it all together!); and congee (which I’ve always wanted to try! It is grits, for all intents and purposes, and DELICIOUS!)

A few minutes later came our veggie dumplings in their adorable bowl:


A delicious, varied, filling meal for 2, and the total bill was $12!


Then we went to the awesome market next door:


We admired their dizzying selection of prefilled buns for steaming, and their rather eclectic packaged products:


Crab spawn paste, anyone?


It’s food. It’s high class. What else do you need to know?

Lydia ended up having to run to the ATM to pay for dinner, which was fortuitous since on the way she spotted this:


Oh frozen yogurt trend. Check out the crazy awesome inside!


And  the most hilarious bathroom door sign ever:


We think they spent a LOT on decor, since the froyo was, as at all these places, stupidly overpriced. But delicious! I got strawberry:


Yum yum yum! Then we met up with our other friend Lauren, where we caught up on our summers, listened to music, I gave them my clothes, since while I’m pleased to have lost some weight it makes all my clothes fit wrong and we are friends who are fond of the clothing swap.

I feel infinitely better than I have in days. Thank God for friends!

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