Friday, July 31, 2009

never a problem

I had injera (spongy, heavenly, slightly sour Ethiopian flatbread) in excess of what I needed to sop up the rest of my Ethiopian leftovers. This was absolutely not a problem!

I found somethin’ good to put on top :D DSCF1653

Stumbling around Ethiopian food on recipezaar fortuitously led me to this recipe. Fortuitously because we had farmer’s market okra in need of usin’!

Bamya (interestingly enough, also the Greek word for okra!) Alich’a. Absolutely delish.


I followed the recipe pretty exactly, only halving it. I will say that the half recipe called for a whole jalapeno, and I only had half of one, but it was still MEGA SPICY. I would probably recommend taking the seeds OUT of your jalapeno: the mother and I like our spice, but we were still gulping down water. Nonetheless, it was delish.

To get some more protein in, I made something I ogled over at Kristen's blog: chickpea patties!

Easy peasy! I tossed these things in the food processor:


Along with salt n peppa and cumin. And onto the griddle they went!


Nummy, crumbly, and oh so easy!

And now I am due for a weekend. TTFN!

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