Sunday, July 19, 2009

little bites

So with the family craziness I haven’t felt like sitting down and writing a coherent blog, but I’ve still had the urge to take various pictures. Here are some common themes of my summer eating.

1. Lentils are awesome- they’re comforting and they make you saaaaaatisfied.

So I made a big batch:


I simmered 1 cup raw, which results in about 2 cups cooked, so 4 servings.

Serving number one was the hot, comforting, quickly-scarfed-down work lunch.


Lentils, brown rice, carrots for crunch and color, a spoonful of tapenade for flavah. Nuked all of those together, then added that bit of wrapped-up avocado you seen on reserve at the top.

A perfectly balanced combination.

Here’s a cold salad, in saturday’s lunch:


1.5 or so servings of lentils (for Ma and I), delicious homegrown green beans quickly blanched, chopped celery for crunch, and green onions and homemade ranch dressing for flavah.

Theme #2: My meals often evolve. Take this breakfast yogurt bowl.

Nonfat plain yogurt, then apples and cantaloupe, then shredded wheat, then chopped walnuts:


A thing of beauty, no? Look at the stratae:


However, the cantaloupe was no good! And the shredded wheat wasn’t soggy! And that’s how I love it!

So minus cantaloupe and plus milk and stirring/soggifying.


Hot mess but DELISH!

Theme #3: No matter how bad a mood I’m in, making a perfect omelet lifts it:


This morning’s gorge brunch :D Following serious agony over what I wanted to eat! Ultimately: omelet filled with cheddar and avocado (swoon!), grilled zucchini (heaven!), and warmed up pita (carbs!)

With yogurt n tea


Theme #4: In the summer, if I could pull it off, I would live on fruit.

Gorgeous fruit salad:



She does the “traditional family method”, aka the Bisquick shortcake recipe!

It is somewhat redeemed by using real whipped cream and tossing the sliced strawberries with currant jelly, mmm. I just WENT TO TOWN on some of this stuff.


Then I felt bad and did some much-overdue strength training with all my gung-ho energy from the sugar high. A great evening!

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