Monday, July 20, 2009

choco chip!

I wanted cookies wicked bad. This craving was of the sudden onset variety, so I had no pre-softened butter. I also had a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal ripe banana to use up.

So I made Tina's recipe for banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!


I put out the ingredients mostly to brag baout my MASSIVE MASSIVE BAG OF CHOCOLATE CHIPS! Oh Costco.


This used up my current carton of oats! Good thing I have a MASSIVE MASSIVE CONTAINER OF OATMEAL! Oh Costco.

Over 100 servings. For most people, that would be a lot of oatmeal. For me, the fear of running out of oats is strong. Maybe now it’s a 2 out of 10, instead of my usual 8 or so.

The batter:


No eggs means cookie dough sampling! Huzzah!

I scooped out the dough with my super classy COOKIE SCOOP! I usually think kitchen gadgets are for people who don’t actually know how to cook, but my godmother, a registered dietitian with a serious sweet tooth, swore by these, and they are FANTASTIC for baking.


Here they come out of the oven!


As you can see, these guys don’t really spread. They are sort of sweet, simple, cookie blobs. (totally just wrote “blogs!”)


As for flavor, they are quite enjoyable indeed! Definitely chewy and soft, not crisp, and with enough chocolate chips to make me happy :D

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