Sunday, July 19, 2009


Oh, gazpacho! How I love you! I tried to think of some clever title for the post, but gazpacho speaks for itself.

I had another great night with the ladies :D

I also made my first summer batch of gazpacho :D

My version of gazpacho is soooooooooooo easy and delicious. Really any gazpacho is so easy and delicious. It’s classic summer food. Here’s what I do.

Take a bell pepper- broil it.


Then skin it. Blanch your tomatoes, skin them. Chop everyone up. Get your plants together:


The pepper, tomatoes, english cuc if possible (less watery), garlic, green onion, and fresh oregano from the deck for flava.

Pantry stuffs:


Red wine vin (lots), olive oil (just a little), crushed red pepper flakes (to taste, quite delish), and old pita, ripped up. Use whatever breadstuffs you have. Or none. Totes nonessential.

Then I felt like I was missing something. Durr, salt. Here it is, with the veggies all layered all nice in the chopper.


Pulse the veggies til they resemble pico de gallo ish.


At this point I break out my secret ingredient that ties it all together:


Yeah that’s right. Incidentally, spicy V8 is great for black bean soup!

Here’s the final product, in my preferred gazpacho tupperware, which is actually an old hot and sour soup container we got with Chinese delivery!


Just look at the lovely colors and layers. It’s also delicious with red bell pepper, but if you do it, add parsley so you still get the great color


Now for my new faaaaaaaaavorite cooking medium, the grill!

Since Lydia was coming over (she’s a vegetarian), I got some of her favorite childhood vegetables:


As she called it, keeny! AWWWW!


Awesome grill marks, no?!

Not so vegetarian:


Once again, I used the leftover beef to make gorgeous grilled meatballs. This time I went for dill for the seasoning. I’ll update on this batch!

Here’s some of our gorgeous spread, laid out on the decksie:


And my burger, which is once again just beef, oregano, worcestershire sauce and salt and pepper. PERFECTION!


Gorgeous gorgeous grill marks!

Some may have spotted a mysterious orange something in the center of the shot. That would be GRILLED PEACHES!


Oh my goodness gracious, my new favorite thing in the land. Literally, cut a peach in half and stick it on a hot grill. That’s it.

Top with vanilla ice cream!


There’s also some meh homemade cantaloupe sorbet on the side. It was an experiment.

Anyway, this weekend has been an absolute gift. Good friends, good food. THE BEST.

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