Wednesday, July 8, 2009

good things about summer

One good thing about summer: peaches!

My oats this morning involved half a banana, half a peach, some slivered almonds, and much happiness. DSCF1438  I made it, as usual, with half milk, and it had a great peaches n cream thing going!

I supplemented today’s lunch with salad at work. It’s awesome- the kids get food bank food, but we have beautiful community garden produce, so they get fresh and delicious vegetables.

Another awesome thing about summer: nice weather and biking! I worked late today to do our Teen Program (usually I work at the summer camp for the younger kids, but I had to make up some hours this week for complicated reasons). It’s awesome what they do! They’re trying to get the kids into good physical fitness habits at an early age. So we biked to the pool, and they got to swim, and then biked back. It was a really great, pretty trip, and the kids got some exercise, and they were just a hilarious group. I can appreciate 14 year old boy humor in a way that I did NOT when I was 14.

The final awesome thing about summer: BEETS!


I am having a LOVE AFFAIR with beets at the moment! I made this recipe (check out the awesomely short ingredient list!), and it was a great and DELICIOUS way to use our farmer’s market beets and H Mart fennel. I decided to top it with a hard boiled egg, because I could use the protein (I did have a balance bar post-camp and pre-biking, but I held off on real dinner til I got home at 9 or so- I was hungry!) and it’s a traditional borscht topper, and this is in that family. It was FABULOUS!

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Astra Libris said...

Lele, thank you so much for your incredibly kind comment on my blog! Your generous, sweet words made my day! Thank you! :-)

OH my goodness, your oatmeal looks heavenly!! Seriously, it's so beautiful it belongs in an art museum!

I adore borscht, and somehow I've never put a hard-boiled egg on top! Thank you for the fantastic idea!!