Thursday, June 25, 2009

work should not be a bad word

Because I have a totally rad internship and I really love where I work! I’m interning for the director of resident services in low-income housing. How awesome is that?!?!?! I’m so over being around annoying entitled college students and so into being around real people who are taking amazing steps to improve the lives of the next generation (both the people who live in the communities who accomplish amazing things and the rather tireless people who I work for who try to help them).

I actually really love having a schedule, and do really poorly with free time. So here were my meals today:


Yay oatmeal! Oatmeal is just so perfect. The only thing I missed about home was oatmeal. Like literally, pretty much the only thing. This batch was with craisins, currants, and walnuts and was delish!

I had it with some of our PERFECT HONEYDEW.


Seriously, I can’t remember life before H Mart and their fantastic produce. I’m so grateful for it, because it would be suuuuuch a downer to leave all the beautiful fruit in Greece and come home to lackluster grocery store stuff. But this honeydew is exceptionally lovely.

Here’s lunch, pre-packing:


That is “egg salad” that’s actually a blend of 1 egg and 1/2 a packet of silken tofu- again, we have a glut- , combined with green onion, lotsa mustard, bit o sour cream, bit o vinegar, lotsa paprika, and garlic powder, which was really what pulled it together (to clarify that recipe makes like 3 servings; I left a bunch in the kitchen so we could all have quick work lunches).

On toasted spelt bread (I ended up throwing on some lettuce, too, before I packed it). The bread did not get soggy AT ALL! I was so stoked!

I also had some carrot sticks on the side (which I didn’t bother to peel, since no one else on the internet does, and it really makes no difference. Good to know cause I’m laaazy).

And no, I didn’t eat all those brownies. I brought them to make my coworkers loooobe me! Except only one of them was actually THERE today, lol, but she said peanut butter and chocolate were her favorite combination EVER (incidentally, this was my boss, so I was thrilled to have brought her favorite combination ever!), so I was still happy I brought them. We each had one, and I brought the other two home. So there are still a whole lotta brownies in my house!

After work, I unwound on the decksie with a snacksie:


Yogurt and my awesome homemade iced tea, enjoyed with the crossword puzzle. Ahh.

Finally, I have the BEST WORK PERK EVER, in the form of FRESH LOCAL PRODUCE from the COMMUNITY GARDEN!


In addition to having a great meaningful job and a super nice, peanut butter and chocolate loving boss, one of my jobs is to GARDEN! In the past I have been the typical East Coast liberal who loves the ideal of the Small Local Farmer but is actually incapable of not killing anything she tries to grow. However, this is already an established garden! Today I weeded and planted potatoes and watered! It was awesome!

And then I got sent home with fresh lettuce and mint (which, incidentally, grows like a WEED, and it is thus MYSTIFYING why it is so DISPROPORTIONALLY EXPENSIVE at the grocery store!)

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