Friday, June 26, 2009

lusciously local

Dinner last night was just me due to, as my mother put it in the text message she sent me to work “a kerfuffle in the emergency room” involving my sister. She’s totally fine, but guys—don’t go to boot camp workout and then drink whole milk.

I knew my dinner had to involve the goooooooooorgeous lettuce from the community garden. I grabbed something else local--


The chives from our deck planter! This dressing was way simple and way tasty- mustard, chives, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper, and olive oil.

Atop gorgeous local greens, with nice H mart shrooms. Not local, but vair high quality and nice.

DSCF1340 To accompany, more local-licious! Well, maybe not the ingredients, but I made the products.


It don’t get more local than homemade bread! Homemade pita bread! This is another winner from what is rapidly becoming one of my favorite cookbooks, Flavors of Greece. Incidentally, I saw no pita bread in Greece (well other than my french fry gyro, but that wasn’t necessarily *authentic Greek*). It really is more of a Middle Eastern thing. But delish!

Accompanied with more homemade hummus. Still delish!


I had it with some apple that I hadn’t been feelin’ with lunch, and went to bedsie.

I fueled up for a looooooooong, rawther tiring day at work, with a good breakfast.

This was not actually the breakfast I was PLANNING, but since my sister inhaled an entire box of my personal favorite parfait topper Life cereal (I had literally 3/4 of a cup, my mom didn’t have any, we bought it less than a week ago), I had some Smart Start, which was enjoyable (but this was the last of it—basically, we need to buy cereal, stat! And, based on my sister’s appetite, a lot!)

I also had a banana with peanut butter, which is just such a good combination.


I had the EXACT same lunch as yesterday, cause it was just so good. Including the brownies to impress the coworkers again (I was at a different site today, so I impressed my OTHER boss. Yay!)

And now… it is the weekend, PRAISE BE.

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