Sunday, June 28, 2009

birthday love

Yesterday was my baby sister’s 18th birthday. Man I feel old. Does that happen to other people? You don’t watch your own progression of the years, particularly, but when it’s your younger sibling, it’s crazy?

I told her I’d make her whatever she wanted for breakfast, and she requested “some kind of eggs… with maybe some cheese”, so I saw an opportunity for culinary creativity. I give you… fried eggs with cheddar hearts!


Easy peasy—take your skillet, grease it with cooking spray, heat to medium high or so and fry your eggs. After flipping them, top with wee slices of cheese that you have cut into hearts (I just used a paring knife, it was super easy). This is, however, real cheddar- something like the Kraft slices might be too delicate for this.


There was some melty action- it’s such a conundrum- do you cook it longer so it’s more melty and delicious, or do you cook it less so the heart stays preserved?

Ultimately, even with a little melting, they were pretty darn cute.


And then my crazy sister attacked them with some ketchup (ewwwwwww), but it was actually kind of awesome, cause then they looked like bleeding hearts!


Gruesome, eh?

Last night was fun, cause I finally got to catch up with my bff- we’ve both had crazy vacation schedules followed with immediate jumps into internships, and last night we fiiiiiiinally hung out. We went, with my ma and her friend, to an exhibit opening in DC (where we ate a good amount of free food), and then Lyddie and me wandered around Palisades (my mom’s friend’s neighborhood). I reaaaaaally wanted to go to Figs Fine Foods, cause I’ve heard so much about it, but they close at EIGHT on SATURDAYS!!!!! Maddening! So instead we ended up at Palisades Pizzeria, where we split a SINGLE slice of pizza because it was SO GIGANTIC! Here’s the action shot of Lydia cutting it:


And here’s my HALF slice:


It was quite tasty pizza. VERY crisp crust, which I love. That’s my problem- I love the idea of baking pizza at home, but you just cannot get sufficient crust crispness.

And of course, what is better than, outdoors on a warm summer night, some soft serve?


In strawberry flavor. Heaven!

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Olga said...

what a cute idea! I'm sure your sister appreciated it.

uhm, right...I turned 30...and my brother is almost 21...imagine how old that makes me feel!