Monday, June 29, 2009


Um… so we all really miss Greece. Cause… in case you couldn’t tell, there’s good food everywhere.

So, in an effort to recreate some goodness, we got ourselves some eggplant. Eggplant in Greece is both ubiquitous and delicious. Then we made ourselves some Island Eggplant, courtesy of Flavors of Greece. Here’s how it goes down.

Julienne yourself some veg:


I was on celery duty and it took me like half an hour. It was kind of ridiculous. Thank God I have this blog to document things like this so I can feel a sense of accomplishment.

Then you make your tomato and onion base (ONION HATERS, AVERT YOUR EYES):


Mm mm mm caramelized onions.

You sautee up your eggplant:


I really like this cookbook in part because it uses almost exclusively olive oil (and whole wheat flour, and generally whole foods) and it keeps the quantities reasonable. Cause eggplant can get a lil dangerous!

To your bases, you add the celery (which you blanch) and some red pepper (mmmm)


You add lots of flavoring in the form of dried oregano, fresh parsley, capers, and kalamata olives


And if, like us, you are fabulous enough to have a serving bowl with olives on it, put it in there :D


Ma and the sister brought this to our family barbecue, which I was not allowed to attend cause I’m friggin’ sick. Like, I was literally whining “I wanna goooooo” and my mom was like “YOU HAVE A FEVER! DON’T EXPOSE YOUR LOVED ONES!”

So I didn’t :( I went to work today cause I thought I was better (following my tried and true take some Nyquil and sleep for 10 and a half hours method) but apparently I have a fever again.


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Olga said...

you are hilarious!

The dish looks great: love eggplant. Hope you feel better soon.

PS. re sherry vinegar: I have it at home and I'm relatively normal :)

(LOVE Mark Bittman!)