Friday, June 5, 2009

old favorite

After a morning of working out and Target shopping, I came home HUNGRY! I also came to a serious realization: it had been WAY TOO LONG since I had a classic, gooey, straight up, no holds-barred, buttery grilled cheese sammich.

So I made one! They are such an old favorite of mine- how can you not think of childhood and comfort and warmth?!

Hello, flowing oozey cheese!


Because it’s another gloomy day, and I wanted some quality protein after my workout, I also made my beloved spinach and lentils.


They are seriously the perfect food.

So okay, here’s my grilled cheese methodology: it is summed up in one key phrase:


Just a little bit of the real thing, brushed on the bread, makes this sandwich transcend. You can totally use cooking spray in the pan itself, but just brush a little melted butter on the bread, and it makes SUCH a difference in payoff! I also used real cheese, Muenster, just one deli slice, which was the PERFECT amount of cheese. SO WUNNERFUL!


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