Monday, June 28, 2010

summer romance

I am kind of having a love affair with our farmer’s market this summer. It’s yearlong, but in the winter and spring it’s a more somber place, mostly kale and things. But in the summer it’s a friggin’ party!

You know what’s so fun? Watching a cooking demo being filmed.


You know what’s even more awesome? Getting to eat what was made. Yeah ice cream sandwich at 10 am!


Ohhhh my God homemade almond macaron, ice cream, jammy berry syrup. So intensely amazing. And I have the recipe!

Also, BLOOD RED watermelon! Agh cannot wait to eat you!


For today’s lunch, my love, the farmer’s market, SHOWERED me with deliciousness. This meal wasn’t 100% local but it was sure mighty close.

Plate number one:


Squash sauteed in the usual manner (olive oil, s+p, fresh oregano), and man oh man: toast with smoked bluefish spread.

Okay so this bread is unbelievable. There are a gazillion bakeries represented at the farmer’s market, and this one always has a heftiest line. They have a lot of breads, and most of them are at least a plurality whole wheat (I was a poli sci major, and have no idea if the word plurality can actually be used in that context, but I’m gonna roll with it). We went with the sesame sourdough whole wheat, which came with this GORGEOUS pattern of sesame seeds on the crust. They make for a really luscious crunch, and the bread is absolutely delightful, light, and tangy. I love sourdough. I actually am trying to incubate a starter in my living room. Wish me luck!


As for the bluefish spread, we got that from our empanada guys, and it is diviiiiiine. I love anything with smoked fish, and I actually hadn’t ever eaten bluefish until a recent foray to The Tackle Box (one of the bestest D.C. area restaurants, btw- awesome sustainable fish in a lovely laid-back communal table hangout spot in Georgetown) but I really like it! I’m assuming that since it’s an “oily” fish, those extra oils are the heart-healthy awesome nutritious oils and I just did my heart a favor. Woohoo!

Lunch was, as usual this summer, rounded out with a blissful yogurt bowl.


Farmer’s market plain nonfat yogurt, two ripe and sweet and amazing fresh apricots, and toasted almonds.

So that lunch includes dairy, fruit, vegetable, protein, and healthy fat, and the only non-local items were almonds and olive oil. And I’m sad to say that I just doubt there are any almond or olive trees in Northern Virginia. I guess I’ll just have to go back to Greece, my ancestral homeland!

I can’t believe just one year ago we were coming back from Greece, the most amazing trip I have ever taken! If you’re interested in reading my posts from there, they can be found here (or in About Me).


Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

Farmers' Markets are so fun. Just the people watching alone makes it worth the trip.

Kaz said...

That ice cream sandwich looks so amazing. Yum!

I definitely need to peruse my local farmer's market. I bet there's some good stuff hiding in there.

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

I missed my farmers' market this weekend! Totally bummed. But I'm checking out a new one mid-week to make up for it. :)

Natalie @ cinnamonbums said...

ahh i love farmers markets and you look like you had a great time!

watermelon is one of my FAVORITE things about summer... i swear i can eat a whole one!!

+brad.. yum. good luck making the sourdough! let us know how it goes! baking bread is always an adventure =)

(i totally wanna visit greece!!!! bet its absolutely beautiful there)

Megan D said...

Oh my goodness, PLEASE post that macaroon ice cream sandwich recipe!! And your fresh apricots look so pretty.. I have only had dried, but I'm going to buy some of the real thing!

Kelsey said...

umm i think im in a summer romance right now with that oozing ice cream sandwich!! holy yum <3

Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said...

Mmmm, ice cream in the morning! very good :D

Ali said...

Those watermelons look perfect! I haven't had any watermelon this summer and I am suffering :(