Friday, June 4, 2010


My childhood best friend posted this picture on Facebook. Too cute, right?! That’s me on the far left.


It’s even thematic for the blog, being at an ice cream parlor and all. God I was cute. I wish someone had told me I was peaking!

So I’ve been experimenting lately.  Number one, a witch’s brew of these ingredients:


(pure stevia extract, sent as a sample from the nice people of NuNaturals; lemon and vanilla extracts, and a whooooooole lotta ginger)

It went simmery simmer in water on the stove:


And the ensuing GINGER SYRUP made HOMEMADE GINGER ALE! Recipe can be found here!


So delish! Not exactly like ginger ale per se. More like a… very very complex, not-too-sweet cream soda. Yummers! I am making more ASAP, I’m going through it vair quickly!

I decided to try this recipe for 100% whole wheat english muffins, using my fun new purchase of white whole wheat flour, which I’ve been wanting to play with for awhile. I followed the directions and an hour and fifteen minutes of rising produced my next mad science experiment, all aromatic and warm and bubbly and practically alive: the SPONGE!


That part went great, but then I added the additional flour and the dough was still a HOT STICKY MESS! The beautiful English muffin rounds were NOT happening. Onto my griddle went some globs.


But the final products at least were sort of… endearing… from a distance.


They did have nice browning, and beauteous nooks and crannies.


And there’s your money shot right there! I enjoyed my lovely English muffin toasted with a bit of butter. Mmmmm.


They are quite delicious. Like the real thing but kind of even better because the white whole wheat flour lacks the branniness of regular whole wheat but still adds some… complexity. I may even put up with the insane messiness and hassle of the recipe and make it again! But fortunately not for awhile- it made 15 for me!

Lunch also included a green monster which included these two ingredients:


The protein shake is the last of my free samples from the people at YouBar. Short and sweet ingredient list of whey protein, egg white powder, organic cane juice, cocoa powder, and organic bananas. In terms of flavor this was definitely my favorite! Natural and unchalky.

Into my blender went:

1 cup thawed frozen spinach
YouShake breakfast shake, dissolved in 1/2 cup water
1/3 cup berries (still frozen)
1/2 cup milk
handful of ice

Blendity blend and I had myself a nice well-rounded lunch.


Oh if the lack of complaining in this post didn’t clue you in, I currently have Fridays off. YAY.


Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

LOL - I wish I had Fridays off!

Tamara Marnell said...

You were adorable! When I visit home I see a huge picture of myself when I was about 6 hanging on my parents' bedroom wall, and I get jealous of myself. I had perfectly clear skin, naturally shaped eyebrows, and this cute little button my looks take so much work. I just didn't know it when I had a good thing.

Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said...

What a cute picture :) I wish I had Friday's off too!

Gabriela said...

Aww, I love looking at old pictures! You were adorable. Why did everyone growing up in the 80s and 90s have super thick bangs at some point (myself included)? Cracks me up :) Those muffins look so thick and chewy- yum! Hope you're having a great weekend so far!

Michelle said...

ahhh lovin' all the eats, especially how you made your own english muffins!! That's insane, and genius!!! :) I made some cinnamon rolls at home today and THAT was all too much fun. :) hehehe

I thought your picture could have totally come out of an ad back in the 80's. You guys are picture perfect! hehehe

I LOVE ginger ale, so thank you thank you for this wonderful recipe.

Kelsey Ann said...

you look like a little model!!! adorable!!

wow and love how the recipe turned out. that would be so good with soy butter and jam!!!!

Ilana said...

Wow! The english muffins look sooooo good!! And I love that picture-totally vintage.

Anonymous said...

pear soup?!? it looks tasty but I think I would initially be afraid to try it lol

but all your food looks so tasty :) I had Friday off too :) So I get to cook dinner and possibly thinking bout making some dessert* have a good weekend***