Tuesday, July 13, 2010

breakfast: pancakes, cereal, TACOS!

Hadn’t posted my Sunday pancakes in awhile, but know that my best post-church brunches still always involve them.

The spread:


In my ceaseless search for stellar pancakes, I’m always trying new recipes. I found this one and was stoked to discover it called for powdered buttermilk! Which we had! Um… ish.


A bit petrified. A lot chunky. Stirring it into the batter was… a challenge. I tried to break the clumps up by hand and then had a spazz attack and ended up with pancake batter all over my shirt, which definitely looked like vomit.

Oh well, all’s well that ends well (and ends topped with maple and pecan, obviously! Maple-pecan twists are one of the bakery’s most popular items and I think I was subliminally channeling that).


I wanted apple slices on the side, but these were looking a little peaky, so I nuked ‘em with cinnamon, which was vair vair successful and delicious.


Annnnnnnd had my caffeine in yogurt form. Coffee yogurt is the bessssssst.


Monday breakfast was a new (well actually I think it’s ancient but new to me) cereal:


I had a Kashi coupon for $1 off but even with the discount the only cereal in my price range (I never ever spend more than $2.50 on cereal!) was Good Friends. I was impressed with the nutritional info, however.

So I poured myself a nice big bowl of hippie chow:


Poured on some milk, and made more nuked apple slices with cinnamon (plus pecans for extra protein and deliciousness) to accompany.


Good Friends tastes pretty much exactly how you’d think it would- crunchy and branny. I thought it was nicely sweetened, although become so accustomed to shredded wheat and plain oats that when I eat any presweetened cereal I notice the sweetness. The granola seemed like it was there just to appease people who don’t want to eat twigs and flakes and was unremarkable. Anyway, it did a nice job of keeping me full.

So you all remember that I inhaled awesome breakfast tacos in Austin. Multiple times. However, breakfast tacos are best enjoyed at like… 10:30 in the morning, after going honkeytonkin’ and drinkin’ the night before. My mornings here in thrilling Northern Virginia are not actually anything like that, so I stick to cereal.

However, why not breakfast tacos for dinner? I am, after all, having a love affair with farmer’s market eggs, and actually enjoy eggs for dinner more than I do for breakfast.


Me being me, I made mine healthier than those I enjoyed in Austin (trying to give myself a Dirty Sanchez just wouldn’t work HAHA RACHEL AND RICHARD- everyone else please ignore that) so I started by cooking up some red onion and some gooooooooooorgeous farmer’s market green pepper:


I plated those up on corn tortillas for my mama (wheat bran and her stomach have a difference of opinion) and I split the difference for myself and had one on a traditional corn tortilla and one on a whole wheat wrap half (which was actually really delicious- I liked the wheaty flavor with the fillings! And I’m trying to have a reasonable quantity of fiber with dinner to cut back on my late night snackage).

DSCF5321I also gave her some of the farmer’s market garlic bologna on hers (I just am someone who never feels like eating red meat two days in a row).

And then I slooooooooooooowly scrambled my eggs and put them on the veggie filling. Along with shredded pepper jack cheese and diced avocado for added deliciousness.



Jess said...

Mmm, delicious looking...EVERYTHING! Gotta love pancakes and tacos :)
<3 jess

Megan D said...

I love pecan pancakes! And I am a huge fan of eggs or any kind of breakfast for dinner :)

Kelsey said...

love the avocados on the tacos!! AND YUM to the pancakes!!! <3

sophia said...

Yeah, I DO recall you mentioning those breakfast tacos....My dream is to try them myself sometime...for dinner. Or lunch. Did I tell you I'm not really a breakfast person? I mean I LOVE breakfast foods, but not during breakfast.....

Anonymous said...
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rachel said...

wonderful food :)

MelindaRD said...

Breakfast tacos are good. Ryan served some breakfast burritos at work the other day. I usually just do cereal because it is fast and I always want to get started on my work right away.

Michal said...

MMM i love avocados on tacos, that is such a delish combo of spicy and a sort of creamy! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the tacos! I can't do savory in the morning, but I definitely see myself inhaling these for lunch or a different kind of dinner. :D I think the corn tortillas (I can't eat gluten) would taste awesome with it, actually, too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Those apples sound yummy - I had cinnamon on banana the other night and it's all I can think about. *eyes the lone apple in the fruit bowl*

Lalla said...

I always find interesting (and "good looking") recipe here! ;)
Nice to know that in greek you say "melitzana", it's maybe this one the origin of our italian "melanzana"! ;)
ciao Lalla

From Here to There. In Purple. said...

mm i love me some tacos. seriously though, mexican themed nights are the BEST nights