Monday, July 19, 2010

lunch with my baby child

Today was a little nutso, and tomorrow’s looking to be similarly so. Fortunately, before all the craziness began, there was a lovely interlude of good company and this:


Background: Lorraine and I go way back. She is my baby child. It all gets silly, but basically I did high school theater and we had this epic bonding experience during Noises Off (have people seen it?). Vintage photo:

noises off

I’m in the second row with the mop, she’s on the floor looking troubled. Oh man, takes me back. Anyway, we had this long running joke that we were a hillbilly family and she and Danielle (in the black negligee, visibly of a different race than I!) were my “baybehs”. Anyway, she is still saved in my cell phone contacts as “Baby". It’s nice to catch up :D

We hit up Sunflower, vegetarian restaurant and site of many a Northern Virginia blog meetup (Lorraine doesn’t eat red meat, I love my plants). Lunch is DEFINITELY the way to go. $7.25 netted me:


A nice light appetizer salad with tangy house dressing.

And, this yummy thing:


The Curry Supreme (or Surprise? There was a curry supreme and a curry surprise and I’m mixing them up!).

Textured vegetable protein, squash and zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, and corn all stewed together in a yummy Japanese curry sauce. With brown rice! It doesn’t look it, but this portion was hefty! But I had just been to the gym and I INHALED it. Yum :D

I was too full for dessert but Lorrainey ordered some and then obligingly posed with it:


Dude. Their desserts are all vegan and sugar free and this was an INTENSE AWESOME CHOCOLATE CAKE EXPERIENCE. I “helped her” eat it. Meaning ate at LEAST half of *her* order.

And we caught up and gossiped and admired all the ubiquitous sunflowers decorating it. And thennnn we looked outside, where they have the real thing growing, and there was an adorable goldfinch nestled in them!


He warmed my heart :D


Rhea said...

Oh I love that picture of the little birdie! So cute and fun. I love summer. Almost as much as I think I love that cake without even nibbling it.

Jess said...

Oh my GOODNESS, delicious looking chocolate cake.
<3 jess

Joanne said...

Oh I love meeting up with old friends! Oldies but goodies.

That veg dish had me drooling from the first pic. And the best part about going out with friends is taste testing their desserts. For safety purposes of course.

fittingbackin said...

So sweet! I love meeting up with old friends - you guys' inside joke + back-in-the-day photo is too cute!

rachel said...

lovely pictures, adorable birdie. i want that chocolate cake!

Tamara Marnell said...

Aww, I wish I had fun memories of high school theater. But I was too busy being self-conscious to ever try out, even though I would have made an amazing Little Red Riding Hood in the senior production of Into the Woods. Ah well. Maybe when I'm all grown up I can join a community theater or something....

Kelsey Ann said...

wow thats one incredible hunk of delicious chocolate cake!!

i was such a theatre junkie in school <3 good memories!


Anonymous said...

My gosh, I wish we had that restaurant out here! That looks amazing!

I'm glad you had fun! :D

Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said...

MMM! that chocolate cake looks so good, I need to get some too :)